Suspected Terrorists

Suspected Terrorists – Suspected Terrorists (Self Released) 2007. Ronald Reagan was president from when I was 10 to when I was 18. I hated Reagan but to be honest, it was primarily in the “I’m a punk kid – Reagan Sucks” sense. I guess if you woulda asked me then I woulda said it was because he represented authority. Maybe I woulda mentioned the “trickle-down economics” scam. Or those pesky little ideological wars we were involved in in Central America and such.

Regardless, I was really too young to understand fully how evil these fuckers are/were. It shocks me that Reagan is considered a “Great American President” today. What a joke.

Then there were 4 years of “Reagan Lite” with version one of the Bush Dynasty. Ughhhh. I turned 21 in year three of the Bush dynasty. What a fuckin douchebag….

But all of it pales in comparison to the guy that has occupied the White House for the last 6 years. God, it feels like an eternity. Is it even worth going over the myriad offenses “Bush Version 2″ has committed? I mean, seriously. The guy is a bonafide war criminal and should be locked in The Hague.

So here’s the problem…. Where’s the outrage? Y’know, like the “Fuck Reagan” styled outrage. I mean “Bush 2″ makes Reagan look like Dr Seuss. Yet, where is the outrage?

I was bemoaning just this when I received the new CD from the Lousiville-based punk band Suspected Terrorists in the mail. That’s right…Suspected Terrorists. It takes a lot of guts in our current climate to even call yourself that. Heck just googling the bands name probably gets you put on some patriot-act authorized list. Woo-hoo!

The Suspected Terrorists music falls somewhere between Flipper and The Offenders. They are pissed off. You should be too. There should be more of it nowadays. There really should. You should check them out. Fuck the man. Fuck Bush.

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  1. Chris says:

    Great sentiments. Never heard of them until now and will send them five bucks for more.

  2. Chrysostomos says:

    i’m all for saying that america is going in the wrong direction. this slab of land has been going downhill since the pilgrims got here, but as a music fan, this isn’t very good. the dude singer has a good voice and the music isn’t terrible, just not good. the girl’s voice is terrible, kinda like the horrible singer for crass. someone should tell her to stop shouting, it sounds more like a kid throwing a tantrum. the pouty singing sucks.

  3. Drymiotes says:

    Why not direct your hatred toward people who have really done harm?

    The Soviet Union killed millions of people, sometimes just because they refused to sign a paper admitting to a crime they didn’t commit. Sometimes it was because they attended a Bible study in the middle of the night to avoid the KGB. That same evil is on the road to revival today. (Re: the Litvenenko assassination, for one.) But do the Lefties complain about that?

    To say that Reagan and Bush are evil, and devote all your energies to despising them, while ignoring the REAL evil in the world, shows me that you are either an idiot, or terribly lacking in historical perspective, which usually ends up leading to one being an idiot anyway.

    But there’s no reasoning with the Left these days. There is some kind of “truth-blocker” in place in their brains. They only see what they want to see, truth be damned.

    America will fall, but not because of Bush or Reagan. It will because of those who refuse to see the real picture. The Left has a death wish. Our REAL enemies know that, and take advantage of it whenever they can.

    Only God will save in the end.

  4. Dstfldpk says:

    I’m gonna ignore the fact that you are calling me an idiot for the moment….

    What if — and I am being serious here and I am expecting a serious reply — try as hard as you might you just dont believe in God?

  5. Cassidy says:

    great band

  6. astro2160 says:

    No Shit! These guys are a balls to the wall “fuck you” to the monsters that are sucking the life out of humanity. Every tune is a no-holds-barred merciless critique of the true hypocricy of the snake oil known as the American Dream and the real motves and concequences of the inertia of the West. And the music will kick your ass. Anderson-Project Redbook.

  7. markp says:

    Sorry about the idiot thing. I get carried away sometimes. I guess more accurate would be “misinformed”.

    You yourself admitted that you were pissed off at them more out of an attitude of rebellion, or a “question authority” attitude, than you were because you took the time to investigate the issues with a goal of finding real answers. Not many teens spend their spare time doing the amount of work that would entail. (Perhaps you did, but the wording in your post didn’t seem to indicate that you did, nor that you even cared to.) However, that certainly doesn’t warrant the label “idiot”, so I apologize.

    If I stopped believing in God, as you suggest, I would abandon the only thing that gives real hope to me. I mean, look around! We might be on opposite poles of political thought, but I think we both agree that there are enough stupid and selfish people in power that things could go from bad to worse in very little time and with very little effort.

    Is this because mankind is basically good at his core? Far from it – he is sinful (rebellious) by nature. Does one have to train a child to be naughty? We are born with it. The whole of human history is basically a catalog of war, selfishness, lies, deceit, corruption and brutality (with rare pockets of exceptions here and there – the people who make the world a better place to live). We can learn some measure of control and peacefulness on our own, but only something outside of ourselves can allow us to go beyond our natural inclinations.

    I’m arguing, of course, for the existence of the supernatural – for the existence of God. I’ve seen him – or if you prefer, *something* – at work in people’s lives that can only be explained by allowing for something beyond human nature and all that it means to be human. I’ve seen things happen circumstantially on a level that goes beyond “mere coincidence”.

    I suppose I could just not believe in God, but geez, what if I’m wrong? Do a Google search for “Pascal’s Wager” and see what you think.

    If there is a God, the payoff of living like there isn’t pretty much sucks dirt, don’t ya think? If there isn’t a God, and I live like there is, no harm done, adios, and don’t forget to write me a nice epitaph for my gravestone.

    Anyway……sorry again for calling you an idiot. I actually like your site for several reasons, one of them being that I despise top-40 mindless radio garbage that soothes the soccer moms and dads as they frantically
    rush through life trying to make the best life for their children, while not taking the time to actually get to know who their children really are. I would much rather listen to some obscure post-punk band for 24 hours straight than to one measure of a Barry Manilow song.



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