LDoMoE Podcast #15 -04/09/2010 Stumblemix

It’s so sad, when you lose the one you love….

What the fuck just happened!?! So Last Days went down. I could go into a lot of explanation as to what happened but to hell with it, I’m on a new hosting company and hopefully these shenanigans won’t occur in the future. With that said, I offer no real apologies because Last Days has always been a one-man show. In the end it suffers from the fact that the one man in question is me and I have neither tons of funding to pour into the site nor tons of time to give it the love it sometimes needs. Infrequent instability seems to be a reasonable payoff for keeping it DIY.

All of these technical trials and tribulations have caused me to ponder on the very nature of this here lil’ blog and I have decided there are going to be a few changes to this site over the next few months. I was planning these anyway but having to switch service providers sort of forced my hand. One change is that I am going to be featuring less old releases. This is primarily because I have run out of things to post. This is especially true with Hardcore, a genre I love but (at least the vintage 79-89 era) is all over the internet on blogs that are waaaay more hardcore than Joe Stumble could ever be. That’s why HC has faded off this site; not because I don’t love it but because there are just so many other sites doing it that I don’t see the point in being redundant. I also don’t see the point in being redundant.

Get that?

Conversely there are a ton of great new punk and hardcore acts around today. Acts like Crime Desire, Total Abuse, Cloak/Dagger, Red Dons, Condominium and Much Worse, all featured on the podcast below are totally brilliant and I would rather be featuring them because they are young, new and might actually appreciate someone spreading the word. In my own hometown, there have been amazing bands like Spelling Bee, Egg Chef and Glass Teeth who have all started playing shows in the last few years and are really pushing the boundaries of what can even be considered hardcore. Louisville and it’s Noise Pollution label are still going strong and songs below by The Straight A’s and Second Story Man are great examples of what is going on in the here and now. All over the world, cool bands are popping up and playing music that should be on Last Days, from the post-punk screech of Cripple and Casino out of Zagreb, Croatia to the indescribably creepy Botched Fairytale from Longford, Ireland. From the always amazing Fucked Up out of Toronto, Canada to the minimalist fun of The Pop Fosters out of Wakefield, UK. From the GODHEAD that is Normal Man outta Leeds UK all the way down to Christchurch, NZ with the earthquake shake of The Transistors. No Wave, Hardcore, Synth Punk (check out Television Spaceman! and of course YACHT), Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore (Tera Melos), Minimalism and Drone (Tone Rodent), Last Days Music…whatever you want to call it, is getting more and more prevalent daily and I am getting tired of not writing about it because I am trying to focus solely on old releases that are increasingly available on 100,000 other blogs out there.

Compounding this is my imminent move to New Zealand which is happening on November 18th. Once there, I wanna hear the new noise in that area of the world. Just like here in the States, I am not really interested in what the “big indies” are pushing but instead I want to find out what’s really going on in a country that has always had a profound musical effect on me. I don’t see the point of keeping Last Days going if I am going to spend my time in New Zealand posting Black Flag 7inches.

So my point is that I am going to remove the self-imposed limitations placed on Last Days. I am going to focus more on newer bands and only post old releases when they are hard to find on other blogs and out of print. I am also going to do more regionally themed podcasts of old bands because I think my podcasts are pretty cool. I already have Chicago, St Louis, Indiana, Yugoslavia, and San Francisco ones in the works. So more reviews of new releases and more podcasts of old releases. Maybe I am wrong about all of this but who gives a fuck. That is the luxury of being a one-man show.

Speaking of being a one man show, I am also considering letting other folks post podcasts on here. Like I said, the self-imposed limitations were starting to make me feel claustrophobic.

LDoMoE Podcast #15 -04/09/2010 Stumblemix

Static Control Transistors
The Black Hitler Normal Man
Neat Parts Fucked Up
Superficial Red Dons
Fluid Exchange Total Abuse
Love Is Chemical Television Spaceman
Omelettes Spelling Bee
Awkward Silence Straight A’s

Death To Vivek Kemp The Happy Hollows
See You Through (6-29-10) Tone Rodent
Dance the Night Away Colleen Green
the mav Second Story Man
Doom Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
Dear World Pop Fosters
All Cylinders Botched Fairytale

Speed Intentions Much Worse
Alpha Male Crime Desire
Frozen Zoo Tera Melos
Fast Food Dream Cloak/Dagger
Hot Air Balloons Cripple and Casino
Waste of Time YACHT
Redemption Song Condominium
Rig Glass Teeth

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11 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #15 -04/09/2010 Stumblemix

  1. Brushback says:

    I didn’t even know the site had gone down, but this is looking awesome. Looking forward to the coverage of NZ stuff, as well as more new things on the blog — I know what you mean about holding back on posting 80′s hardcore and other stuff that we grew up with, it’s just adding to the noise that already exists. I still feel for my own blog, though, that if I own it, I’m gonna post it regardless, but that mostly applies to ’90s stuff. Anyway, yeah, “one man show”, I think I know where you’re coming from, and this was cool to read…

  2. Brushback says:

    Plus, yeah, you can finally click on the header and get directed back to the home page. That’s been needed for a while!

  3. Mrowster says:

    Glad to see you back, and good to hear you’re moving in new directions – in life as well as in the blog. I’m just now downloading the podcast, excited to hear what the heck you’ve uncovered for us this time. Good luck in NZ!

  4. alex says:

    yeah! yay! glad that the blog is back, looking forward to yugo punk.

  5. Chris says:

    Nice to see The Transistors here. Caught them live with The Dirtbombs and The Datsuns a couple of years ago. It was a shame hardly anyone saw them as they’re a great band.

  6. Curty Ray says:

    Welcome back to the living!

  7. M says:

    welcome back and thank you for introducing us!
    I love this place

  8. Joe says:

    @M – Thanks! Make yourself at home!

    @Chris – The Transistors release was really good. Thought it was a good way to start the podcast. Must have been a fun show to see them with the Dirtbombs…

    @CurtyRay – Nice to meet ya man! Love your blog….

    @Alex – Barring any further crashes, Yugo punk is on its way….

    @Mrowster – Thanks for the well wishes. I am excited for the change. Being in one place for five years was difficult for me.

    @Brushback – No kidding on the header. That drove me nuts for two flippin’ years!

  9. Mark Early says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated that you couldn’t click on the header to go to the home page. Yay that it is fixed.

  10. Scott says:

    Joe – You’re probably going to have a wealth of stuff from San Francisco to use, but you should try and find something from The Clarke Nova. They were active from around 1990-1996 or so; very noisey, primal drumming, screaming through megaphones… I’m sure you’ll like it.

  11. Joe says:

    Someone should have mentioned the header issue to me as I thought I was the only one annoyed by that. It would have gone to the top of my list had I known that it was driving other people crazy too.

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