Suburban Wives Club – Casual Cat In a Laundromat

Suburban Wives Club – Casual Cat In a Laundromat // Guru Eye (Music For Moderns) 1984. I picked this up a few years ago based on the cover and name alone and I knew nothing about the band. The cover shows three women and the label is based outta Jersey but that’s about it.

Turns out that one of the women was named Reesa and that she was in a local band called Reesa and The Rooters who were sort of the new wave band du jour in Philly at one time. Apparently, The Suburban Wives Club was an offshoot of Reesa and The Rooters and was intended to be a more stripped down affair. They were also a bit of a novelty act I think. Regardless, they were contemporaries of the amazing Stickmen in the Philly art-wave scene. “Casual Cat” is good enough but “Guru Eye” is a prime slice of East Coast Bush Tetras-style no wave downtown funk punk. It’s good shit.

Here’s what the Baltimore CITY PAPER had to say about them in FEBRUARY 8, 1985:

No band in the world wants to be called punk anymore, but there’s a lot about the Wives’ loud, dirty, cheapo sound that fits punk’s big gift to rock democratization. The question’s not Why but Why not? And do we need to discuss how the Wives’ down-to-earth humour, with its deep knee bends and dirty socks and supermarket blues, perfectly balances Lauper’s bag lady/Egg lady routine and Julie Brown’s satire? And how, when you add the Go-Go’s and Joan Jett and The Pretenders, you get an American rock scene where women are finally getting to express and act out some real options?

It’s all rather silly isn’t it? Ah well….

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  1. Henldyhl says:

    the links are saving as a gif file. great site though even with this major glaring problem, which I will be writing to my congress man about.

  2. Hristos says:

    Hey Morgan…all fixed. Cutting and Pasting in a rush….

  3. Ian EBH says:

    Reesa has a site with that includes a brief history of the Rooters and Suburban Wives Club with some pics and vids. It’s pretty bare-bones but interesting nonetheless.

    Also, here’s a link to a YouTube posting of a Vix Bidet Party (Vick’s B-Day Party) video by Reesa and the Rooters. The YT poster has a couple others too. This is, in my opinion, the best one.


  4. Ian EBH says:

    Thanks Doug…I addded the vid and the links. Dont know why I didn’t add the links…was in a rush. Anyway, Vix Bidet Party is my new all-time super favorite video ever

  5. Ilaubuas says:

    Sir, you continue to amaze. Guru Eye! And that video! Looks like pictures of my wife from her new wave high school period. ‘Hey girls, let’s go down to Commander Salamander and load up on Fiorucci knock-offs and leopard skin tights…’

  6. imibly says:

    I think my adolescence was kick-started by Square Pegs and Waitresses videos. Even in my advanced age I just can’t help myslef.

    I do love the new wave girls.

  7. Invonehed says:

    Bloody hell, the keyborder / singer sure goes crraaaaazzzeeeee!

  8. Jennifer says:

    I used to subscribe to Trouser Press magazine in the early 80s and there was always an ad for this 45 in there. I’d never heard it nor given it a second thought until you brought the memories of it rushing back. Thanks!

  9. Joe says:


    It’s me, the keyboard/guitar player/leader of the bands Suburban Wives Club and Reesa and The Rooters. My brother found your page, undoubtedly looking for some other band ;-)

    Anyway, thought you might want to know, I am recording a CD single with the (New) Rooters. These days, I gig once a year and this year, it’s actually this Saturday, 10/6/07 at the World Cafe Live Upstairs in Philly.

    I’m a Web designer most of the time now and is under construction. When our recording project is done, the CD will be available on CD Baby.

    My other site, , is the best place to get info about mine and other ’80s Philly original bands.

    Thanx for the mention.

  10. johnny says:

    Hi Reesa!

    What’s the story on “Vix Bidet Party”? It’s become an instant classic wherever I play it…even at work people are walking around humming it. The recording is high quality…was it on a demo tape? From reading your site, I am under the impression that you only had one single from The Rooters and it was “Ultraman in South Villa / TMI”. Is this correct or is there more? Can I get a copy?

    Thanks for writing in!


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