Yello – I.T. Splash / Gluehead 7inch (1979)

Yello – I.T. Splash // Gluehead> (Future Sound) 1979. I have always been a big fan of early Yello. I first discovered them on Night Flight, the great late night video/fringe show on the USA network back in the early 80′s. Yello videos, along with New Wave Theater were always a highlight on that show.

A few years later I started listening to The Residents, Snakefinger and Tuxedomoon all on Ralph Records. I discovered Yello were on Ralph as well and bought thier first two albums Solid Pleasure and Claro Que Si. Both of them are totally awesome and unique. These albums were re-released in Europe with bonus tracks a few years ago.

This is Yello’s first single from 1979. It is after Deiter Meier’s great “Cry For Fame” 7inch but before the Ralph Records releases.

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