Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe

Normal Man – That Joyless Vibe (self-released cassette) 2010. I can’t begin to describe how good this Normal Man release is. In a fair world, Normal Man from Leeds, UK would be wearing Meat Dresses to the VMAs while Lady Goo Goo was forced to self-release cassettes. But then we all know that this world is anything but fair and judging by their lyrical subject matter, Normal Man know this better than most. Songs like This Filthy Land, Baby death Smash and The Black Hitler clearly celebrate the sick, twisted and ugly things that people do to themselves and others. But before you go and think that Normal Man is just some boring pigfuck-type band that wallows in filth with a disdainful eye and unintelligible vocals, check out any of the sample tracks below. Normal Man has got swagger to spare. Misanthropic singer Noah Brown, is right out front and he wants you to sing along. There are so many great lines on this album (“You got shit in your blood!”) that I couldn’t really list them all here. If you want to wallow in the filth and despair of human existence with no sense of humour, I suggest the new Justin Beiber release. And the guitar playing on this is ace too. It reminds me of early Melvins or Drunks With Guns; all big heavy, sludgy riffs right up front and centre. If you could imagine Mark E. Smith fronting Drunks With Guns, you would be in the general vicinity. I mean seriously. This thing should be on vinyl. Is nothing fucking sacred in this world?

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  1. Mrowster says:

    Awesome shit, Joe. Listening to it now, it’s hard to imagine any reviewer not mentioning FLIPPER, but I suppose DRUNKS WITH GUNS were the midwesterner equivalent, right? We’re actually moving up north to Yorkshire really soon, maybe I’ll be able to actually see these animals play when they stray as far as Leeds . . .

  2. Mrowster says:

    BTW your hyperlinks to “The Barrel” and “Flamingo Land” appear to go to the same mp3

  3. Joe says:

    Flipper was popular here in the midwest and I thought about them with regards to this but fact is, the guitars are too chunky and rock to be like Flipper. Almost more like Fang, really. Flipper was just so much more consciously art damaged than Normal Man. Splitting hairs, I know. Links are fixed too!

  4. Ira says:

    Not too familiar with Drunks with Guns, but these tracks actually reminded me of the last Pissed Jeans record. Similar slow, heavy approach with the abrasive vocals. A little bit more catchy though. Sounded pretty good.

  5. chris g says:

    I didn’t know there was manpunk in the uk

  6. Benbow says:

    Ey up, I’m the guitarist in Normal Man. Cheers for all props on here, just to let you know that we’ve put ‘That Joyless Vibe’ up for free download. Tapes are still available if you feel so inclined. Second album ‘Shit Adults’ to be recorded soon. Cheers.

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