The Philosophic Collage

The Philosophic Collage – Genius, Planned Obsolesence // Toxic Poppies, Headline Deadline (American Aesthetic Industries, LTD) 1981. One of my favourite post-punk, no-wave obscurities and it comes from my hometown of Saint Louis. Have you ever heard of this? Probably not. Most people from Saint Louis aren’t even familiar with it, which is weird because if anything should be held up as proof of regional genius, it is this. But then again, The Philosophic Collage knew they were going to be overlooked and that is why they wrote Planned Obsolescence. “An apathetic god’s amusement is no insurance”, indeed. Of course obsolescence is rarely a barometer of quality. It is more often than not a barometer of “access to resources”. Consider, that if you have shitloads of money behind you, you can force your way into popular consciousness. And since money is the reward for compliance in a social order drenched in banality, rarely will you find brilliance in popular culture. And when you do, it is almost certainly unintended or accidental. So by definition, the search for true genius will take you to the obscure and undiscovered. And many times, you will come up empty handed. But the transcendence junkie can’t stop looking because every once in a while he/she will find that moment of brilliance. Like this four song EP by The Philosophic Collage. And although all of the tracks on this monster are brilliant, the true standout is not Planned Obsolescence but instead, Toxic Poppies which has some of the best lyrics ever committed to music. Wordplay seemed to be one of the strong points for Timothy Tyme, who produced, engineered and wrote the songs on this EP. The whole thing reeks of nihilistic art-students inspired by no-wave, amok in a recording studio at 3 AM. What is not to like about that?

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  1. B.C. Miller says:

    Wow! This is cool! It sounds like the Beastie Boys in Hell. Or an autistic Pere Ubu. A radical philosophy indeed. Like there’s no guitar but there’s a harmonica? This might be the most obscure thing you’ve ever posted Joe but I’m glad you did.

    I thought “Toxic Poppies” said “Toxic PUPPIES” at first. Good band name both ways. ”

    This is especially exciting because in my Missouri file this joins Screamin’ Mee Mees, Raymilland, and Max Load as the fourth pillar of yr homestate scene. I guess the only thing I can saw for sure is St. Louis punk is a product of isolation. What a world.

  2. realself says:

    I knew Timothy Tyme. but I just can’t remember what his real name is! He planned to do music using sign language instead of instruments-in general, too smart for his own good. But the music kicks. I recorded with him once, a memorable experience, and would love to catch up with him again. Any clues ?

  3. James says:

    Hey, great blog!

    You mention there’s a reissue of this in the works… heard anything else about that? Would love to hear other stuff they’ve done…



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