I got an email from Steve Humann, the bassist from the great and woefully unrecognized LA punk band Detox earlier this week. It was entitled “I searched your site for an older LA band called Detox.” The first sentence of the email follows “And I came up with nothing. Did you never like us or never hear us?”

I can understand Steve’s frustration. I went and looked on Kill From The Heart. No Detox. I went and looked on Flex. No Detox. So you look on Last Days and what do you see? No Detox. What the fuck?

Well…let me just say it was on my queue when another site went and posted both LPs. So I moved on to another band. But let me set the record straight for Steve and any other doubters. DETOX FUCKIN’ RULES.

Detox came along right when I was starting to get disillusioned with hardcore and I used to listen to the first record religiously. In fact, Detox still pops up on the shuffle. I never really stopped listening to them. Reason being, that they weren’t really an LA hardcore band. They were some sort of weird, slightly glammy, seedy, slow approximation of an LA hardcore band. Because of this, there is an element of timelessness with the two Detox records that you just don’t get with, say, a Wasted Youth record.

Looking at them now, you could almost see Detox as kinda like an LA version of Flipper. Most Detox songs were pretty slow. You get the impression that Detox wasn’t just a name for these guys but a way of life. However, in keeping with the LA vibe there is an overt sense of humour accompanying the nihilism. It’s not as bleak as Flipper. Not saying that Flipper wasn’t funny. Just that you had to look a little deeper into Flipper to find the humour. Except for Sex Bomb…which could be a Detox song. So yeah.

Now I would go ahead and re-post the two Detox records cuz they are tragically out of print but Steve went on to assure me in his email that they are about to release a legit CD with both LPs and the impossibly hard to find first 7inch (produced by Geza X in 1982) shortly. So in order not to steal any of the bands thunder, I am posting a few mp3s. If you have never heard Detox before, you are in for a treat. These guys were the wild cards in the pack of Long Beach bands that came out in the mid-eighties.

DETOX: Dan Forcum R.I.P., Steve Humann, PK, and Tony Malone

I’m gonna leave most of the Detox story for the liner notes on the soon to be released CD. But suffice it to say, singer Dan Forcum was killed by some loser with a samurai sword in Seattle in 97. I’m not making this shit up. Even more interestingly, Dan got killed by this asshole while saving two people’s lives. So yeah, the guy was a hero. How many of us would do that?

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  1. Mike says:

    Steve “Human” was also the original bass player for the mighty Stevo Jensen era Vandals.

  2. brent french says:

    cant wait for the detox cd. as much as rhino 39 and early vandals… tsol,falling idols…

  3. thefuzzymode says:

    Yes! “Detox did Fuck’in Ruled!”
    Loved ‘em….Did drugs with ‘em….Got my fingers smashed in a car door by ‘em. Played the Coco Club in downtown L.A., the Cathy De Grande, some weird old mortuary, and several other places and would later play with Tony Malone in Prow and Here Eat This. (woot! wooot!…and fun times.)

    You really aren’t making that shit up about Dan. He was a great guy and that story, unfortunately is the real deal.

    Oh and lastly…………..Fuk’man…..!!!!!
    You continue to amaze me as I go deeper and deeper into your blog!!!!!!!!!! It’s alllllllll muth’ah fuck’innn goooooooooooooooooood here on your blog!

  4. thefuzzymode says:


    Tony Malone = The craziest/weirdest tuning and most interesting guitar fingering/style ever! (He should be king as should have all these folks.)

    Ohhhh…and you need a photo of Lance Kranz the other drummer from Highland Park as well! (;o)

  5. steve humann says:

    yeah, we suck. still no CD. prolly more my fault than Tony’s. he’s got a wife and new baby for an excuse. maybe by summer

  6. Indar says:

    Awesome – I love Detox. Just have the one LP (grooves are worn to shit) and didn’t even know they had another one. Get that CD out quick, man!

  7. Geordie says:

    Louder it knows the louder it grows!I saw Detox pushover many ratty bars in their beginning days,they toured the states on only cans of tuna.Jammed with Tex And The Horse Heads in Texas.Played the Olympic auditorium in l.a.Where Dan roamed a peaceable stage with high frequency punk gargoyle tantrum perfection.They hung out with the germs(Darby crash) Henry Rollins,black flag,submission,x,Dan For cum (forklift) was a poet,song writer before Detox.Was in a excellent punk band before Detox;The Forms.Sometimes Ive seen they’re one and only single Beer Gods for over a grand in rare record stores.At the club music Machine in the valley,Dan dressed in a full tux,gave a tenaciously rich show.He was always rehearsing until he was so tired,he lived for it.He was in 70s bands,he was singing Johnny Rotten pronunciations before sex pistols,Late 70s he was doing Kurt Cobain as the next part in his career. Had the fascination,ethnocentrism,a intention of getting through anything drunk or sober.I loved the Detox shows…the band stood in place…Dan would roam pent up like to and fro in the front,sometimes Steve human would cross paths with him on stage.They were very original,Dan always sang right away ,sharp nasal brag ado ..looking every song down.Dan did a million things for me when growing up,whether getting new music going,trying new things out,he took of flying in 1971.he could sing big or very painfully what? i wasn’t any part of his club years or band days as a friend being there.he still came and saw me when he wasn’t working with detox.And im a big idiot,I miss him so very very much.he meant the world to me.

  8. fuck man!! tony ,steve and lance taught me more than anything to be real..the craziest bunch for an aspiring la punk to fall into..lance nik named me festus when i was 16/17. during an acid and speed week!!dave vanhusen of live nude along with mentors ,tex, harvey the sirens..ahhh the memories… to still have a brother like steve in my life.its a blessing watch our daughters play together ..a fucking miricle!!
    em ,,waiter..i didnt i didnt order this..ah fuck it!!

  9. Joe says:

    this is exactly the kind of comment I expect on Detox posts. Thanks!

  10. carolyn raba says:

    I would like to say that Geordie says it just about right about hanging out with Detox . I knew Lance, grew up in Hollywood, and we had alot of crazy young punk times. We were always broke and hungry, always looking for some beer and a good time,always an adventure/usualy a good time. I moved east because of the drugs and violence that was/is LA. I have no music by them except in my head /its enough. cat

  11. CAA says:

    Stephen Pfauter is a self-absorbed narcissist

  12. Just out of curiosity… is there a full bio published on Detox, somewhere? I think I may have gone to school them some of them.

  13. Pityflutes says:

    This is mostly about the lead singer Dan Forklift,who was the angst ridden high lead vocalist.It should be known he had years and years of previous musical experience dating back to the early seventies.In bands undoubtedly to numerous to mention,experience as an painter.Several tours,to such places as New York,where he lived basically off bread and water…And visited John And Yoko’s Dakota@

  14. Pastoral says:

    Detox left a dynamic unsightly legacy,the band burned live.All natural motives,stumbling,drinking and loudly brashly punking.

  15. chroma IF says:

    I heard them once (maybe twenty-two years ago) and the devaluation of the dollar makes me want to offer the band ANOTHER five bucks besides what I paid to see the show, and I honestly could not tell you whether or not they were punk, dunno even the names of the members of the band as I was not paying attention to anything but to ance my ass off. that is what we did in those days.

    something we are all fortunate if it is reissued otherwise we might have to take kindly-faced strangers by the lapels and shout respectfully at them “But d’ye remember- You know?!”
    this is something I still like to do but it is not as widely well received as it once was.
    I am among other things forty-six if you can believe this one..

    I would like to find these guys, if any are alive I intend to send them a thank you note.

  16. pityflutes says:

    Victor Gatsby and the i.r.s stars of woe

  17. humann says:

    Joe Escalante is a lying greedy thief. (I bet you thought your CAA sock-puppet wouldn’t identify you, but really you’re the only enemy I have in the world. but you, you’ve got plenty of enemies). the shit you did to your former bandmates is dwarfed apparently by the other scummy thieving shit you’ve done to others in the music industry.

  18. One of my fave bands…. all the members of this band are characters and If you want to know about their history … anyway.. this was on Flipside Fanzine Records…

  19. DETOX… on Flipside (fanzine) Records… one of our in the house bands… all the guys in this band were top of the line good guys… punkers of the street…

  20. Oskar Mire says:

    CAA says:
    “Stephen Pfauter is a self-absorbed narcissist”

    I don’t know who YOU are, ‘CAA,’ (does that stand for “Cowardly Anonymous Asshole?”) but after more than 30 years of friendship, I know good and goddamned well who Stephen Pfauter is. . . and “self-absorbed narcissist” is so totally inaccurate a description that it cries out for a response.

    Stephen “Humann” Pfauter is literally the best person I know. He’s not perfect and he’s got his own crosses to bear like all of us; sometimes he fails badly at some pretty important things, like all of us. He’s not “self-absorbed,” though, nor is he a narcissist by ANY stretch of the imagination, even if you’re that guy from the Fantastic 4 with the magic rubber dick.

    Your shitty little anonymous libel is aimed at a man who cares more deeply about ethical behavior, objective truth, and helping others less fortunate than himself than you will ever know. If he has anything at all to be ashamed of in this world, it’s only in the way he’s treated himself. I really don’t personally know anyone else who I can say that about, including myself. . . the man has been a constant source of inspiration for me to be a better person than I am for the entire time I’ve known him.

    I can only guess what might have prompted such a callous and wildly inaccurate barb from you, ‘CAA.’ Maybe you’re Joe Escalante, the lying plagiarist piece of shit who stole the Vandals’ name and early work and attributed them to himself, betraying his friends for mere wealth. Maybe you’re just some pathetic scene turd whose girlfriend ended up dating Steve because you couldn’t measure up to his sheer awesomeness. Maybe you’re just a troll who likes stirring up shit on the Internet wherever you can. Like I said, I can only guess why you might have posted such outrageous tripe about someone you clearly don’t know well at all. . . but what I do know is that whoever you are, you’ll never be a tenth as good at being a human being as Stephen Pfauter is.

    Please go eat a very large bowl of fuck with a poison spoon immediately, and then have yourself a forever nap on a big bed made of angry cocks. You deserve it!

  21. Joe says:

    I generally take a ‘no rules’ approach to commenting but this comment from CAA is just a smear and I wish I would have caught it.

    Fact is, Humann is highly respected around these parts. Plus I consider him my pal.


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