Spelling Bee – Sweet Dreams, Strange Animal

Spelling Bee- Sweet Dreams, Strange Animal (Apop Records) 2010. Great new release by avant-punk-math-spazzcore duo Spelling Bee who I have had the pleasure of seeing a number of times. I am always surprised by how LOUD this band is considering it is made up of two people; Mabel Suen on voice, guitar and saxophone, and Joseph Hess on drums and vocals. Mabel presents quite a paradox visually as she is a petite, friendly-looking young lady who as she enters the stage, gives no visual cues that she is about to caterwaul like a banshee and play skronk-heavy riffage at mercilessly high volumes. Come to think of it, Joe is a pretty friendly looking chap as well and it kind of shocks you when they start blasting away. Y’see Spelling Bee isn’t abrasive as much as they are uncompromising. Now, if that is your bag, then you will probably proceed to groove on this stuff with a vengeance. But if you’re dipping your toes into skronk, this is probably not a good starting point. Of course, what do I know? Maybe you should just dive right in at the deep end. I mean, what have you got to lose? Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you try to bust this shit out at an indie rock sewing party or something. It won’t go over well and everyone will start stabbing each other with the knitting needles. By the time you are able to cue up the new Arcade Fire on the iTunes mix, you will have a living room full of dead hipsters. And nobody wants that on their conscience.

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  1. tyler metal says:

    these guys are great. didnt know they had an album out yet. they also run a good show on kdhx.

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