LDoMoE Podcast #16 – First Wave Hardcore Volume One

Recently a friend of mine got married and for his wedding present I put together a bunch of comps of first wave (primarily) US Hardcore. The purpose of these comps was to highlight all of the more obscure bands operating (primarily) across the US in the classic period of Hardcore. What is the classic period, you ask? It is the period from 1978 (when Out of Vogue was released) to 1990 when the scene sort of collapsed on itself in a mess of crossover, posi-core, youth crew, neo-Nazi bullshit, jingoism, and overall sillyness. The next period, which would have been the 1990′s, I decided not to cover because I checked out at that point and became a new waver.

I read somewhere once that Minor Threat set the template for US Hardcore in the same way that Discharge set it for UK and European bands in general. I agree with this a lot and I always saw bands like Discharge as much more firmly rooted in the punk aesthetic than US Hardcore which was some bizarre sociological phenomenon that resulted from post boomer rebellion, suburban boredom and Reagan. What the fuck was First Wave US Hardcore all about? A lot of people struggled with this question in the 1980′s and you will see all kinds of ideologies pasted onto a template of loud-n-fast music. In the end, what did it really accomplish? Not much. But my life has been way more fun because of it.

First Wave Hardcore Podcast #1

Laffinstock Fucked Up For Days
United Mutation White Boy
The Heathens Oohleigh at Great Adventure
Peace Corpse Small Talk Death
C.I.A. Commie Control
Dove Ambivalence
Visual Discrimination Static
Ism Nixon Now More Than Ever
Evergreen Wholeness of the SOul
The Wards Daddy’s a Cop
Death Piggy (GWAR) Nympho
Active Ingredients (KY) Rock Stars

Chronic Sick There Goes The Neighbourhood
Hated Youth Hardcore Rules
Angry Red Planet my oil-soaked existence
Genetic Control Love Rat
Black Humor Kill Them
Krieg Kopf State Aid
Genocide BAD NAME
Gay Cowboys in Bondage Broken Stick
Underground Soldier EST
White Flag Woke Up Screaming
STD Businessman’s Lunch
Media Disease Life unfullfilled

Sand In The Face Divided By A Wall
Ruin Proof
Sacred Denial What Religion
TMA Psychopathic
White Trash Wake U
Autistic Behavior Power Head
Anarchy 6 Living In Society
Jerry’s Kidz That’s Life
Modern Warfare Nothing’s Left For Me
O.D.’S Fancy Girl
Malignant Growth Hopeless
N.O.T.A. No Chance
No Labels Society’s Problem
Bloodmobile The Smiths

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16 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #16 – First Wave Hardcore Volume One

  1. Jenny says:

    Golly Jeepers!

  2. nazz nomad says:

    I would hold that the first wave of Hardcore went from 1980 until about 1984. In fact, I believe an argument can be made that it started with DOA’s “Hardcore ’81″ (which was not a hardcore record), thought I would point to the DC Dischord bands as the possible start in about ’80.
    Before that, it was more conventional punk rock, the nuances (mosh pits, skinhead ethos, straight edge and the speed of the songs) reared it’s head (at least in NY with the CBGB’s matinee gigs and WNYC radio’s Tim Sommer doing Noise The Show.
    As far as I’m concerned, the whole thing ended ’round ’85-86, as it than branched into heavy metal mediocrity.

  3. Mark Early says:

    I almost sold a distortion pedal to Perry of Krieg Kopf this past weekend. But then his underage guitarist in his new band couldn’t get into the club we were supposed to play with them and things went a little crazy. He seemed like a cool guy and there is talk of doing some other shows with them.

  4. Mike says:

    Visual Discrimination were from Orange County but weren’t really as knuckleheaded(yeah I know it’s not a word) as you would think. One of the guitar players is now a public defender. Peace Corpse were actually had the owners from Toxic Shock in the band and were from Pomona CA(So Cal). Toxic Shock was also a record store at one point. They moved to Arizona in the late 80′s.

  5. Mike says:

    Fuck, I forgot to tell you that I really enjoy your site and also like the fact that you post stuff outside of the usual little box of punk/hc/whatever the fuck you want to call it.

  6. Joe says:

    Yeah Mike, I always liked Visual Discrimination despite the fact that they seemed a bit knuckleheaded. Glad someone else remembers them. And thanks for the info on Toxic Shock. I knew that about them at some point and forgot. I guess over the years I just started thinking that they were always from AZ.

  7. MARCOS says:

    man great site !! great work

  8. Sean says:

    Agree with Nazz. When VOID went metal, I was out. Great blog.

  9. Joe says:

    VOID’s metal stuff is pretty terrible!

  10. FranFurt says:

    Good set ot songs and great talk. I agree with your opinions, but i think european punk divorced the mere aesthetic thing when got into hardcore, more in the US hardcore mindset.

  11. jimmy tumors says:

    not for nuthin’, but thee undertakers’ bass player and his wife angie were both in peace corpse, before they went on to form insulin reaction…..

  12. Colin Swanson-White says:

    I too found it an odd choice to extend ’1st wave’ all the way to 90…

  13. Joe says:

    @Colin – Many did. When would you have said it ended and why?

  14. Colin Swanson-White says:

    Off the top of my head I’d probably say sometime around 84-85 when punk-metal crossover could start to be heard…

  15. Alex_Raoul says:

    This site is nothing short of incredible. Thank you Joe! I got into hardcore way after the fact, which would probably annoy a few people, but then I guess these podcasts are putting this stuff out there for the next generation.

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