LDoMoE Podcast #18 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Three

Another instalment of the Hardcore Podcasts. This is Podcast #3. Formal thanks needs to go out to Erich at Good Music For Bad, Bad Times as well as the proprietors of Killed By Death Records. Over the past few years, I have downloaded plenty of hardcore and punk from their websites and some of the downloads have made it onto these podcasts. In a lot of instances, I already owned the material and they just saved me from the time consuming process of digitizing vinyl. In other instances, they introduced me to some great new stuff.

As far as the podcasts are concerned, it’s a continuation of Volumes 1 & 2. Started in 78 with a whimper and ended in 90 with a groan. Lots of weirdness in between; some good some bad. Odd religious connotations, DIY culture, weird male tribal behaviours, individualism, misogyny, fascism, energy, nihilism, rage, anarchism, DIY culture…you name it. Most importantly, there were a million bands doing it all over the place. All on their own. Even though it could seem like a crazy mess, it was actually the most cohesive counterculture I ever witnessed in my lifetime.

First Wave Hardcore Podcast #3

Verbal Assault Trial
Uniform Choice Walls
Urban Waste Wasted Life
Suburban Death Trip Fourth Reich
YDI Enemy For Life
Sacred Order hate them okay
100 Flowers Reject Yourself
Th’Inbred Fantasy Express
Capitol Punishment Killer Cop
Real Enemy On The Literary Volunteers Of America
Final Conflict (Mpls) Your

Warzone Its Your Choice
Asexuals Contra Rebel
The Pattern Unatural Silence
Flag of Democracy Cheep alcohol
Con800 Party Nymph
Bodies In Panic Wendy O
No Crisis Take It
Stretch Marks Dog’s World
Mighty Sphincter Fag Bar
THE BURNT Midland Park Police
Antischism Violent World

The Middle Class Above Suspicion
Exserts Business Man
Patriots Nobody No More
My 3 Sons Starving Artist
Moral Decay Tv News
Heart Attack English Cunts
Naked Lady Wrestlers Accidents
Idiot Savants School’s Prison
Anti-Band Krazimanifesto
Cro-Mags You’ll Be The Death of Me

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7 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #18 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Three

  1. Dave says:

    I used to love Verbal Assault early on (’85-’86, the demo and “Learn” era), but when I listened to that stuff again about a year or so ago it didn’t hold up too well.

    I’ve still got the Tiny Giants 7″, I should probably break that one out one of these days…

  2. Joe says:

    Same here. Broke out “Learn” a few years ago and found it kind of generic. But “Trial” which I had kinda ignored was a really good post-HC record. Way better than “Staring at the Sun” by Uniform Choice!

    I think the guitar player went on th play in Belly if I am not mistaken…

  3. Dave says:

    Yeah, one of the guitar players played in Belly, and Pete Chramiec went on to form Rain Like The Sound Of Trains, who were on Dischord for a while I think (I have one of their singles but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to it).

  4. Jenny says:

    It says the file’s invalid.

  5. Joe says:

    That’s weird cuz I just downloaded it and played it?!?….

  6. Raymond S. says:

    Pretty comprehensive list; Great to see the Stretch Marks included! As one of the mainstays of our little scene, I saw them countless times. The youtube video is taken from Dan Pachet’s cable access show Alternative Rockstand. Dan was a little geeky, but was a good sport. He would show up at nearly gig; it didn’t matter if it was the Mentors or DKs. He promoted the local scene every Sunday night on his program with bands in the studio and videos. I have wondered many times where all of the archived footage is…

  7. OTTO says:

    Love the Stretchmarks! Saw them live twice and was blown away… one of the best live HC bands I ever saw. Tight as (fill in metaphor of choice)…

    The two guys associated with Verbal Assault who went on to join Belly were the Gorman brothers. Tom Gorman played bass for VA for awhile and then played guitar in Belly, his brother played drums in both. In the bizarre, small world category, Tom Gorman went to same college as me and I think we may have gone to see the Stretchmarks together (Cro-Mags too)… He was huge 7 Seconds fan and a cool guy. Last I heard, he and his brother were running a photography studio in NYC.

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