LDoMoE Podcast #21 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Six

Deep Wound

First Wave Hardcore Podcast #6

Siege Sad But True
Ill Will Mr Government
Gorilla Biscuits Big Mouth
PTL Klub Join PTL
Skate Death Thrap
Target Of Demand Man’s Ruin
Mr. Epp and the Calculations 04 – Mohawk Man
Deep Wound Lou’s Anxiety Song
Boom & the Legion of Doom Not Enough Food
Tongue Avulsion Libyan Hit Squad
Honor Role Uptown
Impulse Manslaughter Ratbag

Hates Do The Caryl Chessman
Crucial Youth Wake up and Lift
Wrecks I Love to Shoplift
Armed Citizens The Thrill Of It All
Marching Plague Mom and Dad
White Suburban Youth My Way
problem children thrashing with your parents
Savage Circle Kill Cops
Wrecking Crew Guts and Glory
Special Forces Torture
Sado Nation No USe
Flesh Columns Muammar Khadafi

Porcelain Forehead How High?
Neos Racist Act
VIRUS Rhetoric
Dissent Shut My Eyes
Toreros After Ole corre
Plasma Alliance History
The Red Tide War criminals
Zany Guys Hardcore

Death Sentence (Canada) Fake
Teenage Depression Working for the Kremlin
Bill Of Rights Shot In The Ass
Slow Against The Glass
Ghost Dance Shrunken Heads
Gray Matter Flash in Time
Down Syndrome Values

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2 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #21 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Six

  1. Jenny says:

    Doin 8 of these? What are the last two gonna consist of? How much more hardcore can ya mine? You gonna throw in any so bad it’s good hardcore or what? I’m excited!

  2. Joe says:

    I actually already made em’ back in October. I set them up to release on this blog periodically while I was getting set up in NZ because I didn’t want to blog to go dead for two months. So the last two are already made. I probably could make a 9th as well if I wanted to. And I considered making a 10th with the really well known stuff but Blush beat me to it…I also have tried to add some “so bad its good” HC into the mixes. Everyone will have their own opinions about which ones those are. Glad yer excited!

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