LDoMoE Podcast #22 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Seven

Flesh D-Vice

First Wave Hardcore Podcast #7

Deathwish Condemned
Viktimz Of Society Miss America Sucks
Stetz MADD
The Unwanted (Canadian HC) ThriLL
Angst Die Fighting
The Stupids Who Do You Think You Are?
Mission Impossible I Can Only Try
Toxoplasma Miriam
Death Sentence (Aus) Tension
Imminent Attack My Skin

The Blood Megalomania
Killing Children Majority
Sons Of Ishmael Governors of Death
Anti Nothing Means Nothing
Spermbirds Cave
Betrayed Betrayed
M.A.D. Everything Is Beautiful
Flesh D-Vice Fuck Off Embarrasment
Bunchofuckingoofs In Dog We Trust

The Scam No Reason To Live
Dead Pigeons Force Fed Life
Stranglehold She’s not leaving
Suburban Mutilation Deprogram
5150 ambitious demons
Outpatients land of the lost
Whipping Boy Blank Stare
Attack & Decay In My Grave
Bitter Uproar Different Like Me

Sudden Impact drunk driving
Ignition Cancellation
Graven Image Close Your Eyes
Frantix Cat-Mouse
Soylent Greene Taxed
The Unaware Race War
The Partisans Power & The Greed

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12 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #22 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Seven

  1. Mark says:

    Dante F. was such a great drummer!

  2. malfeitor says:

    If I’m going to watch a band play in a park/backyard I prefer Ram Jam. But this Sons of Ishmael isn’t too bad either. There’s no way that’s the best van ever. It doesn’t even have any airbrushing.

  3. Joe says:

    @malfeitor – I agree, that van isnt even in the top ten. In fact, all of the vans in this are better:


  4. Dave says:

    That Sons of Ishmael video is great. I used to own the “Hayseed Hardcore” 7″, it was pretty good.

  5. Joe says:

    @Dave. I agree, although calling it a “video” may be a stretch….

  6. Dave says:

    Video, clip, whatever… I’ve seen a few videos of hardcore bands playing out in public like that, but I’ve never actually been at one of those type gigs myself. It makes me wonder what the general reaction is…

    Good call on the Fu Manchu vans, also.

  7. malfeitor says:

    The out of doors seems like an odd venue for hardcore. Under the sun and in wide open spaces the music loses most of its power. It starts to just look like someone’s little brother jumping around and screaming because he’s not going to get any ice cream. (Speaking of odd venues) I once played at an Our Lady Of Lorretto Catholic Church youth dance. Needless to say, the youth did not dance.

  8. Joe says:

    Speaking of odd shooting locations…where do you think that Siege video from Volume 6 was shot? It looks like a grade school classroom with all the desks moved out….

    @Dave – You remember Siege at all? They were pretty amazing but seemed to exist outside of that whole X-Claim scene up in Boston.

  9. Dave says:

    I never saw Siege, or even heard the demo when it first came out (the Siege tracks on the Pushead compilation were the first time I heard anything by them) but you’re right, there was the XClaim!-type thing in Boston at the time, and everything outside of that had a hard time getting any notice at all. Of course, most of the non-XCLaim! bands were crap anyway.. stuff like Cancerous Growth and PTL Klub. I laugh when people talk about those bands as if they were classic old school HC or something.

    I think the Seige videos came from some public access cable show, I forget what the room looked like exactly now but I think they just set up on the floor of some makeshift studio and played a bunch of songs without an audience. It seems kinda awkward once you realize that there isn’t really an audience there, the band is just feeding off themselves when they’re jumping around and stuff.

  10. Joe says:

    @Dave Definitely …and the Sons of Ishmael is even more awkward because of that. I guess its something about being outside. Erich has Hayseed Hardcore up at GoodBadMusic btw.

  11. Dave says:

    Looks like I’ve got “Hayseed Hardcore” on my computer already, but I’ll have to go over and see what Erich wrote about it. “Quasi-religious gender-issue moments in mongo biker punk history”

  12. Joe says:

    “Hayseed Hardcore” is a bonafide meat & potatoes Hardcore Thrash classic! Perfect in sound and composition, it rages from alpha to omega, without a second of annoyance! ” Erich sure knows how to pen ‘em!


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