LDoMoE Podcast #23 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Eight


If you wanna look at all eight in all of their glory, go here.

First Wave Hardcore Podcast #8

Born Without A Face Black Narcissus
Deadline Closed Door
Negative Gain 16 – Destiny’s Uncertain
No Thanks Who Me?
No Direction Reaganomics
Sluglords Knucklehead
Espasmodicos Mata
Cancerous Growth Had Enough
Underdog True Blue
Power Of The Spoken Word Plague of Pain
Sin 34 Nuclear War

Fathead Suburbia The Masses
Massacre Guys Living End
Section 8 “Fat, Drunk, & Stupid”
Suburbacide XFugitive
SS-20 Right Wing Death Squad
Forced Anger Colored Rectangles
The State No Illusions
NOD (Nuclear Overdose) Big Man
Bored Youth Sympathy (demo 1981)
Scapegoats I Like The Street
UXB Breakout

SLIME Untergang
Bill Of Rights “No rights, No chance”
Raped Teenagers moder jard
Rude Awakening Used
Tar Babies The New Poor
Political Justice? O Lady Liberty (Introduction Pt 1)
Damage festering
SVDB chain reaction
Project X Dance Floor Justice
Sluggo Up And Over

The Misguided You Bore Me
The Young And The Useless Rise And Shine
Psycho Contempt
Toejam requiem
Shell Shock My Brain Is Jelly
Soul Side Problems Faced When Travelling
Dehumanizers God Men Of The Future
Nihilistics You’re to blame
Pariah Running For Cover

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8 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #23 – First Wave Hardcore Volume Eight

  1. Javi says:

    Ha! watching the Espasmodicos clip, it strikes true how the whole “straight edge” thing would never had thrived in Spain in that 80′s era; Punk Rock was so close then to drugs. Especially those of an amphetaminic-like quality. Maybe we were sort of cavemen or the such, but, what the heck, screw that SxE militia; that had little (nothing, I guess) to do with the anti-authoritarian spirit of Punk Rock.

  2. Joe says:

    I always identified with Minor Threat and that stuff because they were misfits and angry and I was a misfit and angry. Out of step with the world, was something I could identify with regardless of the fact that I smoked an occasional joint or three. Dudes in later straight edge bands like Judge and Bold didnt even seem like misfits. Just jocks…precisely the kind of dudes that Ian and company were rebelling against. So I agree totally that SxE as it evolved had less and less to do with punk rock or anti-authoritarianism in general. Plus Espasmodicos RULE!

  3. Javi says:

    And I guess that going back to the earlier era (80-84), a difference could be also made between Ian MacKaye and, say, Al Barile or that guy in Negative FX.

  4. Jenny says:

    Damn! That murder for profit song was amazing, was that a lady singing?

  5. Joe says:

    yeah Donna Damage! probably one of the best female vocalists in hardcore ever.


    The band is No Thanks! The track on the podcast is from their demo tape.

  6. jeffen says:

    Y’know it’s kinda humbling how few of these bands I’ve even heard of (and I spent a lot of ink-stained days in the review section of old MRR’s). Then it;’s heartening to see you mention Soulside who were on of my favourite second wave (third wave?) Dischord band, on the arty side perhaps but still with songs you could sing along to.

  7. Joe says:

    @Jeffen – It is humbling isn’t it? I hadn’t heard a lot of these bands back in the day either. One of my points with these podcasts was to discredit the idea that there were millions of shitty bands. There were actually millions of great bands! Soulside was definitely part of the First Wave for me. They were on the tail end of the Revolution Summer thing. The scene they were part of was pretty late in the game but still part of the continuum that stretched from 78-90.

  8. marc says:

    Thanks for having Cancerous Growth on this,i played on thier records and live,at least it wasn’t a waste of time,Cheers!

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