Executioner – Fix Me / Hellbound

Executioner – Fix Me / Hellbound // Flat Lands, Marked To Die (Patac Records) 2010, originally recorded in 1982. While putting together my hardcore podcasts I contacted Dan Patac from the Boston-based label Patac Records and he hooked me up with some Executioner. Who is Executioner? Only one of the best West-Coast hardcore bands that you have never heard of from the first wave of hardcore which existed from…oh, forget it , nevermind. Executioner came from the San Jose, CA skatecore scene which also included Ribzy and The Faction among others, but Executioner were something altogether different from those great bands. Seemingly influenced by both California hardcore and the more UK metal of Discharge and Motorhead, Executioner came up with a pretty unique sound for their time and place. I guess you would call it “crossover”, before there really was such a thing. To put this in perspective, DRI released the album Crossover in 1987, which would have been the heyday of the metalcore thing. This was five years before. Compounded on this, the kids in the band were still in high school. Nothing like trailblazing new dimensions in sound while you are still in yer shortpants, eh? The biggest accomplishment of my high school years was getting a girlfriend. Like I said, kinda puts it all in perspective. Anyhoo, Mr Patac has a bunch of other early tracks by the band and he plans to release them shortly. I’ve heard them, they shred. But this 7inch is already on the market, and you should buy yourself one if you really know what is good for you….

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  1. Dan says:

    The mp3 file (if you intended to include one) appears to be missing.

  2. Joe says:

    Fixed man….sorry

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