Undertaker – World Demonation

Undertaker – World Demonation Demo Tape (Laughing Jackal Productions) 1989. Matt sent me this one. What can I say? This is midwestern metal at its very finest. I believe Matt found this in a thrift store or flea market in Chicago? That makes sense cuz it was recorded in Naperville, an affluent and Mayberry-ish suburb of the Windy City.

I know nothing about Undertaker other than what is contained in the music and written on the case but boy, that is more than enough. The tape starts off with the subtle Corpse in a Trunk . Matt says that singer Jeffrey Wilburne sounds like King Diamond mixed with The Muppets. I say he sounds like Cirith Ungol mixed with Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo. Really though, we’re just two music dorks splitting hairs. Don’t skip over the ending where you get to actually hear them dispose the corpse. It’s worth it. NWA has nothing on these dudes.

Anyway, the next song is Res ipsa loquitur which is Latin for “The thing speaks for itself”. This is really witty cuz it’s an instrumental so the guitar speaks for itself. Get it? OK, maybe I am reading too much into this. The term “Res ipsa loquitur” originated in tort law. Maybe Undertaker were Northeastern Law Students? Maybe this is really Santiago Durango’s secret metal band? Why didn’t these guys release anything on Touch and Go?

The guitarist, Christ-O-Fer Hanson (not kidding), is actually a pretty slick guitarist in that “lets pick up a sixer of Milwaukees Best and head to the suburban metal club in any nameless midwestern town” sort of way. But really Res ipsa loquitur is just the warm up for the next three tracks which along with Teezar’s Rock Tryptch, set the FUCKIN STANDARD for metal. Yes, Lethal Evil, Hellementary School and and Eternal Entity rule.

Fuck…words can’t do this one justice. My advice is to start with the last three and if you like em, download the other two. Jeffrey Winburne repeatedly breaks into a falsetto for no apparent reason. Christ-O-Fer Hanson does these sick lead runs for no apparent reason. The Demons! The Damnation! Its all so EVIL! Naperville in 1989 must have been a cauldron of pain and suffering to have produced such malevolence! YOUR SOUL IS MINE!!!!!

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  1. Theresa says:

    Words can’t express how good this is. I love how the singer keeps switching from sardonic, Cliff Hanger-style delivery to King Diamond overdrive with absolutely no warning whatsoever on “Lethal Evil”. First-class lyrics too. The leads melt, the intros are cool as hell, it’s all there. “Res Ipsa Loquitur” seems a little clever for this bunch, unless the name came from a Perry Mason re-run or some shredded paperback tome about the Nuremberg trials. Still, pretty advanced. Were they ringers? Who knows. Who cares. It rules!!!!

  2. Empire Hancock says:

    I like that this comes up in last.fm when listening to this band.

    Mark Calaway (born March 24, 1965) is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring name The Undertaker. He is signed to World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling on its SmackDown! brand.

    As of 2007, Calaway is one of the longest-tenured performers in WWE, having joined in 1990. He is one of only two wrestlers to have appeared on the very first episode of RAW is WAR who are still with the company today. The other is Shawn Michaels.

    Similar artists: Shane McMahon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X, Chris Jericho Triple H

  3. Glenn ( ex-band roadie ) says:

    Many of nights I sat in a dark musty basement listening to these guys jam . The lead singer ( we called him DOUBLE OR NOTHING JEFF ) was a huge King Diamond fan . That’s where the vocals came from . Yes, that was an actual person being thrown into the trunk in Corpse and the person was really snorting a line in Lethal Evil .

    Most of the heavy shredding guitar licks were arranged and played by my good friend Jonhny ! There were a few shows played out in Aurora and other places I can’t remember ( too much partying in those days ) . The following was good but they never made the success they wanted . I also remember a black singer trying out for the band . He put his own sound in but nothing was recorded .

    I say, just enjoy it . Metal up Your Ass !!

  4. Chris-to-fear (guitarist Undertaker) says:

    As the former guitarist/writer/creator for the band, I am pleased to find people are still into this!!!! Mr. Wilburne and I wrote this album then Johnny (Mr. 7) joined the band. He and I worked together to write all this awesome material. Then, we wrote a second project together too. We worked hard to make it mind blowing and intense!

    Hey Glen….didn’t know you were still out there…..A loyal fan and roadie who always was there with us! Glen was also the deisgner of the art on the cover if I recall.

    If you are into this, you may be pleased to know there is a second and much longer album. Same members. It was much higher qaulity production and we spent a year making it. But, the band disintegrated after that due to a number of mundane circumstances, and it was not widely distributed. If someone wants it and I can figure out how to get it to the guys who run the site to upload it, I will post it.

    After dumping the guitars for ten years in lieu of a high paying corporate job and two kids, I am getting back in the band game. There may be new metla material in the future!


  5. Joe says:


    I’ll email you. Hearing the follow-up to World Demonation would be huge!


  6. Jeff Keveloh says:

    YEZZZ.. I am sorry Master please forgive me i beg of you! Greetings all, Undertaker lives! I would love to get some copies of anything you have, now having an internet Radio station that i own and produce. I am younger brother to Ted Keveloh, growing up at an eary age with Jeff “The Gladiator.” Has anyone heard from Jeff? I ran into Eddi quinton about 4 years back, he stayed with me for a while before he moved on in his gypsie ways. Email anything you have~ xtrmnrgy30@yahoo.com





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