The Tikis – Junie / Surfadelic

The Tikis – Junie // Surfadelic (Thermidor Records) 1981. Speaking of Thermidor….what kind of music do you think the band Monitor would make if they decided to do a one-off single with Paul B. Cutler of 45 Grave, Vox Pop, and the Consumers engineering it and international noise collaborator Boyd Rice doing the cover art? I bet what you imagined is a hell of a lot more chaotic and noisy than this 7inch which is actually the most commercial sounding thing the band Monitor, under the assumed name of “The Tikis”, ever did. But it is actually Monitor, a subversive group of avant garde wierdos who were making music in the early 1980′s in LA and had loose ties to The Los Angeles Free Music Society, BPeople, Human Hands etc. The most subversive thing about this single is how unassuming and straightforward it is. In fact, the B-Side Surfadelic is a great slice of New Wave Surf Music that would not have been out of place on a Raybeats album. The A-Side Junie sounds like a Human Hands song. Not the most earth-shattering release in the history of music, but a fun little slice of Surf-n-Turf as I begin my second summer of 2010 Down Under.

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  1. jeremys says:

    This is an incredible blog, thanks. Any chance you could repost this Tikis 7″ or share by email? I’d love to hear “Junie.”

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