The Boys – Kamikaze / Bad Day 7inch

The Boys – Kamikaze / Bad Day (Safari) 1979. To continue my steady flow of UK Punk 7inchers, we have The Boys from England. How can you not like The Boys? One of the most consistently entertaining UK first wave punk rocks ever. This one was released in 1979 and by this point the Boys were beginning to expand their sound. Kamikaze, a love song to a motorbike, has horns and just right amount of guitar. The B-Side is an up-tempo garage beat rocker. The Boys were definitely a singles act. Prolonged exposure to them can get repetitive. Short 2 minute blasts of them every now and then are all you really need. Here’s a pair for ya!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant band.
    One of the best ever.
    The albums “The Boys” and “Alternative Chartbusters” are fabulous.
    “Brickfield Nights” for example. A smash hit and an ever green/golden great.

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