School Meals – Headmaster / Such A Spiv

School Meals – Headmaster / Such A Spiv (Edible Records) 1978. So apparently this band was originally called School Meals and decided at the last moment, after the single was released, to change thier names to The Defendants? Apparently they made a bunch of Defendants stickers and pasted them over all the remaining 7inches to obscure their old name. So there are two versions of this single floating around; one as “School Meals” and the other as “The Defendants”. I like “School Meals” more. I think it better suits the quaint British private school vibe of this single. If you’re looking for balls-out rocking, this ain’t it. This is more in the vein of The Shapes and Anglepoise Lamp-era Soft Boys. I love this shit. Headmaster reminds me of the two years I spent in London as a kid. Such a Spiv has this amazingly catchy little keyboard bridge. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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