Plastichke – Ca Gaze Pour Moi / un coup j’te vois

Plastichke – Ca gaze pour moi / un coup j’te vois (Omega International Records) 1978.

Last Days Reader: So what do we have here? Joe, who is this dude?

Joe: Well, as the cover of the 7inch says, his name is Plastichke and he was a Belgian comedian in the 1970′s.

Last Days Reader: Fair enough. But Joe, why is this Belgian comedian on Last Days? I thought I had a pretty good handle on this site and obscure Belgian comedy falls outside of your market.

Joe: Yes, dear reader….you are correct. I generally do not post comedy records from Belgium. However, this isn’t just a comedy record from Belgium. It is so much more. It is a great example of punxploitation.

Last Days Reader: Punxploitation? What the fuck is that?

Joe: Punxploitation was a brief subgenre of punk rock in the late 1970′s/early 1980′s. Basically, in this short period of time, the “powers that be” thought punk was going to be the next big thing. Consequently, they all moved rather quickly to capitalize upon it. Punxploitation was a relatively rare and short-lived genre due to the fact that it became quickly apparent that punk had no commercial potential. Very quickly, “the powers that be” moved on to disco, rap and new wave. Ironically enough, a lot of mainstream rock today is actually a descendant of punxploitation.

This particular example of punxploitation is a rip-off of Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plane Poir Moi, one of the few commercially successful punk singles. Although not remotely as good as Jet Boy Jet Girl, the A-Side is a pretty fun note for note parody. The B-Side is Plastichke’s stab at an original punk recording. All in all, it’s not bad at all!

Last Days Reader: So did this Plastichke person represent “the powers that be” that you speak of?

Joe: No, not really. He was just a dude trying to make a few bucks so he could afford a couple of beers. He recorded novelty songs in the Brussels dialect, a mixture of French and Flemish. A lot of his 7inch records had great covers. This is my personal favourite.

Last Days Reader: Wow, Joe…that’s a great record cover!

Joe: I know, dear reader…I know.

This conversation is a word for word transcription of Mr Stumble’s thought patterns upon hearing the Plastichke – Ca gaze pour moi / un coup j’te vois 7inch. Any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

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  1. brian donovan unexpected error!!! says:

    water pistols “give me that punk junk” anyone? anyone?

  2. Ryan says:

    Awesome, I have owned this record for years and have never understood how it related to Plastic Bertrand.

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