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East (Dead Good Records) 1980. So this one is a bit of a rarity. First off, let me address the obvious. East has to have the most goddammed ugly cover in the history of record illustration. Seriously, this is the kinda thing I would have drawn when I was a hormone-crazed 14 year old. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against nude depictions of the feminine form whatsoever. But can we make it look less like a surrealist Patrick Nagel rendition of a British Whorehouse? I mean c’mon…this reminds me of a Fiona Richmond movie or something.

The album itself is a bit inconsistent as is the case with many label samplers. In this case, the label was based out of the East Midlands town of Lincoln and was entitled Dead Good Records. It was a pretty good (and prolific) little label. Key releases on Dead Good included two 7inches by XS Energy, one Cigarettes 7inch and the ridiculously good Stamp Out Normality 7inch EP by the Pseudo Existors. With the exception of XS Energy, the aforementioned bands appear on East and are probably the best bands on the comp. The Cigarettes deliver two more examples of their super-catchy Buzzcocks/Mod punk and the Pseduo Existors deliver two more tracks of punk metal damage.

The other band worth checking out on this platter is Fatal Charm who were pretty prolific in their own right and deliver three really good, upbeat, new wave, power-pop type songs. The chief complaint I have about East is the flatness of the production. A good example would be the track Stoned Loving by Fatal Charm. I mean, this is an amazing song….imagine how great it would be if it just popped out of your speakers. Instead we get this rather muffled and flat sound which muddies the impact.

But maybe I’m being a little too picky. After all, this is a great comp with some really good bands. What do you think?

CIGARETTES – Stay Inside
FATAL CHARM – Madam Blues
WHIZZ KIDS – Comalife
B-MOVIE – Man On A Threshold
CIGARETTES – Looking At You
B-MOVIE – Refugee
WHIZZ KIDS – Someone
HALF LIFE – Steve Biko
VICK SINEX & THE NASAL SPRAYS – High Rise Failure (Dub)
CIGARETTES – Frivolous Disguises
FATAL CHARM – Stoned Living
FATAL CHARM – Spend The Night Alone

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2 Responses to EAST Compilation

  1. Oliver Double says:

    I’m a big Cigarettes fan, having seen them play a gig at my school when I was about 15. However, the two songs I like best on this album are…

    ‘High Rise Failure (Dub)’ by Vick Sinex & the Nasal Sprays, which is just wonderfully, charmingly silly, and a reminder that a big part of punk was about being deadpan


    ‘Contact’ by the Sincere Americans, which is a fantastically catchy new wave tune by a band with an admirably funny name

    Nice work!

  2. simon pinta says:

    I remember seeing Half Life graffiti in Lincoln, and I was at college in Boston with Vick Sinex. Can’t remember his birth name though! This album was a huge moment in the local music scene with massive expectation. I remember it arriving in the local shop (the legendary Sanctuary Records) and seeing that terrible artwork. No-one ever liked it, except presumably the art student who drew it. What were they thinking when they approved it…?

    Album still sounds great to my ears though, even the tracks by interlopers B-Movie.

    Nice to see a plug for the record after all these years.

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