Snatch – All I Want / When I’m Bored

Snatch – All I Want / When I’m Bored (Lightning Records) 1978. Snatch were Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon, a pair of American expatriates who were living in London when the whole punk thing hit. They released a few singles, including one with Brian Eno. This was their second and in my opinion, their best. The Snatch sound was pretty cool…minimalist guitar riffage, non-existent or minimal drumming and these super cold, bitchy vocals sung by both Patti and Judy. After Snatch, Judy went on to do a lot of dub-based tuneage and released a great ROIR cassette called Pal Judy. Patti recorded with Johnny Thunders and dabbled in Goth I don’t think either of them ever hit the level of pure, minimalist genius they hit with All I Want again though. Good Shit, indeed!

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  1. A bit broing, but it’s got the true punk feel…

  2. Ro says:

    Judy Nylon Jailhouse Rock ’79:

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