LDoMoE Podcast #24 – 08/01/2011 Stumblemix

Back when I started doing these Stumblemix podcasts, I had planned on doing them four times a year. One for each season. I did a really good job of that until I moved to the other side of the world. Then I kinda dropped the ball. Oh well. The last podcast came out in September. At that time, I was still in the USA and Last Days was just recuperating from a complete technical collapse. Four months later finds me in New Zealand and Last Days seems to be in good health. Here’s hoping things stay that way. Cheers.

On this podcast are a bunch of new musical adventures. We’ll start with OFF!, the new Keith Morris project that has been making a lot of waves lately with older, grizzly punk dudes like myself. I personally was initially resistant to OFF! Because I have a hard time with the Antiques Hardcore Roadshow Revival Circuit and mistakenly wrote this off as just that, but Keith and company won me over because there is an attempt with OFF! to really create an aesthetic identity for the band based on archetypal signifiers that Morris and company were actually instrumental in putting together. The use of Pettibon art, calling the band OFF!, even titling the album The First Four EPs, shows a knowledge of hardcore punk as a cultural and artistic movement and makes OFF! considerably more legitimate than your average reunion concert. Plus the tunes just plain ROCK.

Following OFF! is Jeff The Brotherhood, a great duo from Nashville who creates some Helios Creed-level phase-riffage with U Got The Look. After that is The New Mexico, a great young hardcore band from Louisville who recently released a split demo tape with The Evil Grimace that simply put, peels paint off of walls. The Postures, a weird droning band from Wellington, NZ are next with the insanely addictive Poor Impulse Control. The first set is rounded off by the enigmatic Moon Duo, a sci-fi shoegaze act with ties to Wooden Shjips outta San Francisco.

The second set starts off with Black For A Second, a great hardcore band from Saint Louis, MO, my old place of residence. Following that is Kittyhawk from my newly adopted home of Auckland with the catchy New Wave-o-lishisness of Realistik Komputers. Next up is Ariel Pink and The Haunted Graffiti with Butthouse Blondies, a rockin’ little track off their new LP Before Today. Ariel Pink came to St Louis shortly before I left and I missed them. They are coming to Auckland in a few weeks and I will be missing them again. I guess timing is everything. Before Today is a headfuck of a record, I sometimes love it and I sometimes loathe it. I’m never impartial, which I guess is a pretty good review.

Following that is Pissed Jeans from their most recent 45. I had the pleasure of seeing Pissed Jeans at the Cropped Out Festival in Louisville back in October. The festival was sorely under-attended and the whole thing had a sort of sad vibe due to the fact that there were so few people. Kinda sucked really because the lineup was great and the folks responsible for it clearly put a lot of effort into setting it up. Hopefully next year more people will attend. I ended up behind Pissed Jeans when I was checking out of the hotel the next morning. Don’t let their name fool you. These four mild mannered young gentlemen were very sociable to the 60 year old lady working the check-out desk.

Next up is Street Chant, a great young band from Auckland who seem to have made quite a splash at the CMJs in Noo Yawk or something. Then we have Seattle’s own The Hollowpoints with some American Punk Rockery courtesy of the ultra-catchy Who Killed Anna Nicole?. This song was on a free compilation of punk from The Punk Site. A lot of it was not my cup ‘o’ tea but hey, it was free. Switching gears is the roots-weirdness of Pancake Breakfast from the Pacific Northwest with the haunting ditty Little Bird. Following that is the dreamy pop of Seapony with their excellent, sold-out single Dreaming. Pitchfork compares them to Best Coast, I hear early My Bloody Valentine but who is counting?

The next set starts off with more rural-gothic creepiness, this time from Wellington, NZ from the Body Lyre. My gawd. Back to Louisville for some more hardcore, this time by the band Xerxes. The set ends with Chicago’s Wishgift with a re-mix of their song Cream Acres that is available on their bandcamp page. Again, for FUH-REE. How about a couple of gospel tinged numbers? One by the indie-fanboy band Deerhunter and the other by the Auckland band Grand Prix, with their track Always Beginning from the great Arch Hill Records Ten Year Anniversary Compilation.

After getting all eclectic there, I thought it was safe to return to punk rock with one of my favourite bands of today, UV Race out of Australia who straddle the line very nicely between experimentation and rocking in the same way that bands like 100 Flowers used to. This is followed by a track outta Louisville by the band Chime Hours fronted by Duncan Cherry, the guitar player in The Straight A’s. Chime Hours had some serious disruptions getting this record together, the cover looks like a bargain CD from the 1990s and Duncan mildly vandalized my fence when I let The A’s crash at my house a few years back (which was pretty uncool, considering), but despite all that, The Chime Hours CD is pretty damn good.

Next, is Big Bear with the great Song 20 from their swan-song LP Under The Beach. All these great bands breaking up, what gives? After Big Bear, we have the heartfelt yet punky sounds of Stirling Says, a three piece melodic punk band who although they sound like they come from the Midwest, actually come from San Francisco. Then we have The Holy Mountain who are hardcore as fuck and rock out on their new album Here Is No Exit. I’ve added the title track to this podcast. The podcast is rounded off by Minnow, a sadly defunct band from Louisville with the title track from their swan-song LP Hello Hubris. I have reviewed Minnow in the past and I felt they were a great Midwestern rock band. Sad to see they break up but happy to have their great new album (on Noise Pollution, of course).

It’s fitting really, that I end the set with a song about hubris. Creating a podcast this awesome is clearly a challenge to the gods….

LDoMoE Podcast #24 – 08/01/2011 Stumblemix

OFF! Blast
Jeff The Brotherhood U Got The Look
The New Mexico Death Rattle
The Postures Poor Impulse Control
Moon Duo Dead West

Black For A Second Retarded Brains
KittyHawk Realistik Komputers
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti butt-house blondies
Pissed Jeans Sam Kinison Woman
Street Chant Scream Walk
Hollowpoints God Save Anna Nicole
Pancake Breakfast Little Bird
Seapony Dreaming

The Body Lyre Pig
Xerxes Runaways
Wishgift Cream Acres (Chomped and Chewed)
Deerhunter Revival
Grand Prix Always Beginning

The UV Race Good Money
Chime Hours Held Ransom For Olds
Big Bear Song 20
Stirling Says A to D
The Holy Mountain Here is No Exit
Minnow Hello Hubris

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8 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #24 – 08/01/2011 Stumblemix

  1. Dave says:

    Not digging the Off stuff, plus I’m sick of seeing them everywhere. Double Negative are ten times better and get none of the same publicity, as far as “old hardcores” go. Yup to Jeff the Brotherhood, though.

  2. Joe says:

    Best line in that Jeff the Brotherhood song: “I got a lot of dudes, none of them are tight”. Cracks me up every time.

  3. Dave says:

    “Heavy Days” might’ve made my best-of list had I heard more of it sooner (I had a few mp3′s on my computer before I got the whole album).

  4. Merc says:

    Mostly bands I never previously heard of, another great ‘cast, am downloading now, thanks

  5. Joe says:

    Hope ya dig it Merc!

  6. jonder says:

    Heavy Days is my #2 favorite record of 2010. Joe, did you get to see JeffBro play when they were in NZ recently?

  7. Joe says:

    No…they actually came here the weekend I arrived. So I was totally out of commission. I’m kinda late on the JeffBro bandwagon having discovered them at Cropped Out in October. What’s your #1 fave record?

  8. jonder says:

    Together by the New Pornographers is my #1 (although I generally skip the Dan Bejar songs). Together and Heavy Days were my go-to mood enhancers this year. I only got into JeffBro a few months ago, but that Chrome guitar sound with the Ramones style harmonies is irresistable, like chocolate in my peanut butter.

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