LDoMoE Podcast #25 – 05/02/2012 Stumblemix

Podcasts Schmodcasts…this one is pretty epic, methinks. Let’s start with a great track by Pujol, a dude from Nashville who recently recorded with Jack White. The track Too Safe is pretty spot-on and I could not agree more with the sentiment. Next up is New Zealand’s own 1995 who sound more like they are from 1981 with the goth epic-ness of Foreign Soil. It’s been a long time since I have heard a new band and I thought to myself “gee, that sounds like Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry”. Following the doom-n-gloom of 1995 is fittingly enough, the band Doom Town from Saint Louis, MO. Doom Town is comprised of at least one member of Corbeta Corbata, a great post-punk hardcore band that was heavily influential and well-loved in the Saint Louis area in the early part of the century. Doom Town are working on their first formal release. Shrouded in Mystery is from their awesome demo.

Total Control from Perth, Australia follow with some punk that sounds very similar to Doomtown. Kinda cool how that works when you consider that these bands are from opposite points in the world ennit? Following Total Control is the decidedly non-punk of The Web from the always consistently awesome Noise Pollution Records label with Seed of the Scrotodhendron, a nice piece of Southern-Gothic tinged Prog-Skronkification. Next up are Turbo Fruits who apparently have a Lotta Lotta Ladies. The Turbo Fruits are from the currently jumpin’ Nashville scene and are currently on tour with Pujol who starts this podcast. After the Turbo Fruits are Les Savy Fav with Appetites. You can read more about them in Pitchfork I’m sure, but I do like their new album Root For Ruin even though it kinda reminds me of what the Rogers Sisters were doing eight years ago.

The next set starts off with another great Auckland-based band, Ghost Wave with their amazing song Sunsetter. Ghost Wave are from the neighbourhood of Sandringham which is literally right down the street from my house. It’s nice to have shoegazing drone rockers with a tuneful penchant for hooks and melodies in the neighbourhood. From the old neighbourhood is St Louis’ own The Wifflers with their heartfelt song Just a Feeling off the split they did with Black For a Second. Then we have the self-described stoner-punk of Zip-Tie Handcuffs with What Bitch? I’m gonna be honest here, I don’t hear any stoner influence in this. It just sounds like straight up, uber-tight Boston-area hardcore to me. Maybe the guys in the band were stoned when they came up with the description? Wellington’s own Rifles follow with the song Neitzsche is Dead, which is kinda witty if you think about it for a second. After that we get Slow Trucks from San Francisco with the lazy, Mascis-style guitar rock of Gotta Move Away.

A band that I saw at the Cropped Out festival in Louisville back in October that blew me away was The Young Widows. Super tom-heavy tribal drumming meets heavy guitar squall under cool lyrics about being in the Midwest. What the fuck is not to like about that? After The Young Widows are the Aggro Men from Auckland with a really ominous, dirgy sounding garage rock song called Ropes and Chains. After that are The Revilers from Boston, MA with Next In Line which has been remastered and is currently available on Patac Records. Rounding off the set is The Shipping News who I saw a million years ago at the Touch and Go Festival. This is from their new release One Less Heartless To Fear on Noise Pollution and I highly recommend it.

Following the Shipping News and moving into the third set, are Heavy Cream outta Nashville with their smash hit Watusi. When I look at the photo above, I can safely say that these are the kinds of chicks I would like to party with. The Nashville scene right now is pretty amazing what with Jeff The Brotherhood, The Turbo Fruits and Pujol. Add Heavy Cream to the mix y’all. I keep it rocking with the Turbonegro stylings of Badstrip and the sonic rock of Jet City. After going to Jet City how about going to Surf City? One of the great hopes of New Zealand right now, Surf City combine shoegaze influence with traditional Flying Nun dynamics to come up with a sound that is at once both traditionally Kiwi and also brand new and exciting. Definitely a band to look out for in the year to come.

Louisville’s Brain Banger is up next. What a great name for a band. Made up of at least one member of the Young Widows, my guess is that Brain Banger presents an opportunity to rock out in a more ridiculous fashion for the Young Widows guys. It does that, fer shure. I round off the set with two Midwestern avant-noise punk bands; CaCaw with Earth Doesn’t Deserve You from Chicago and the sadly defunct Glow Dick with Slow Crook from Saint Louis. Ah, I would love some toasted ravioli right about now.

The podcast continues with a great track by Cash For Your Stories, a Manchester, England band I featured on Podcast #3 about a year ago. The track Smack, is from a set of demos they have recorded. They are looking for a label. I say self-release and screw the middleman. Smack is followed with the great Small Town Metaphysics by a band called Catholic Guilt out of New Zealand. It was part of a free compilation released on Muzai Records. A great way to end another epic podcast.

LDoMoE Podcast #25 – 05/02/2012 Stumblemix

Pujol Too Safe
1995 Foreign Soil
Doom Town Shrouded in Mystery
Total Control total control
The Web Seed of the Scrotodhendron
Turbo Fruits Lotta Lotta Ladies
Les Savy Fav AppetitesGhost Wave Sunsetter
The Wifflers Just A Feeling
Zip-Tie Handcuffs What Bitch?
Rifles Nietzsche Is Dead
Slow Trucks Gota Move Away
Young Widows Mid-Western
The Aggro Men Ropes And Chains
Revilers Next In Line
Shipping News The Delicate
Heavy Cream Watusi
Badstrip Jet City
Surf City Crazy Rulers Of The World
Brain Banger Stay Down
Cacaw Earth Doesn’t Deserve You
Glow Dick Slow Crook
Cash For Your Stories Smack
Catholic Guilt Small Town Metaphysics

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for including us again in your podcast. We’ve indeed cut out the middleman, and have released a 4-track EP on bandcamp, which can be downloaded for free.

    CFYS bandcamp


    Alex/Cash For Your Stories

  2. Dave says:

    slow trucks are from san francisco, CA not OR, just wanted to let ya know.

  3. Ben Smith says:

    Doom Town appreciates this.

  4. Scott says:

    I just listened to this. re: Doom Town… Man, Ashley really sounds like Exene.

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