Beautiful Skin – Everything, All This, and More

Beautiful Skin РEverything, All This, and More (GSL Records) 2005. Is it too soon to be talking about Nick Forte’s influence? I mean, this Beautiful Skin album came out in 2005. But Forte was really on to something with Beautiful Skin as well as with his precursor bands Computer Cougar and Rorschach and he was well ahead of the curve with regards to the current Post-Punk revival. Beautiful Skin was his most forward thinking project. It was a collaboration between Nick and Ross Totino, a Brazilian keyboardist and was essentially a re-imagining of synth based, analog Post-Punk. Everything, All This, and More was a posthumous collection of unreleased tracks recorded between 1997 and 2002. It included tracks recorded by the duo (Sex is a Triangle for instance) as well as later tracks recorded with a fleshed out band (Skin). The sound that Beautiful Skin was working out proved to be very influential to bands like The Rapture and Erase Erratta . Both this album and their other album Revolve are still very easily available and DIRT CHEAP. Check them out and join the cognoscenti, baby!

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