Vox Pop – Cab Driver

Vox Pop – Cab Driver // Just Like Your Mom (Bad Trip Records) 1980. Cab Driver is one of the true kbd classics. It was on the first Killed By Death compilation way back in the day. Flex says, “A side would be called noise rock today… visionary, huh?” Correct! This riff and just the overall guitar sound of Cab Driver sounds like something you would have heard on Am Rep in the early 1990s. Maybe by a band like Surgery or something. The overall heaviness of this track is a testament to the insane guitar playing skills of Paul Cutler of Consumers and 45 Grave fame.

So Cab Driver is some classic hard rockin’ shit. What about the b-side? Even better, in my opinion. Just Like Your Mom is one of those crazy-assed punk songs that sounds like at any moment it is going to just totally derail. The vocals by Don Bollles (is that correct?) are just soooo over the top. The riff is so completely bad assed.

Like Mr Ivers says, “You gotta look sharp, you gotta feel sharp, you gotta be sharp…with VOX POP!!!”

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    the video was deleted

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