The Squids

The Squids -Self-Titled 7inch (multinational tentacles) 1981. A much-sought after new wave classic from Hawaii, The Squids combined surf music with punky energy to create a pretty upbeat new wave concoction. In the case of the first track on this single, Tourist Riot, the concoction is most probably a Molotov cocktail aimed squarely at the tourists. I can’t imagine what it is like to live in a place that makes its principal income off of tourism having grown up in a place where nobody comes to visit. If I were to listen to the Squids, I would be led to believe it kinda sucks. In fact, they would tell me to fuck it and move to New York City. My only advice is that if you move to NYC to get away from tourists you probably should stay away from mid-town Manhattan. The next track, Theme From Surfboy is some great instrumental surf-wave played in the same manner as The Romans, The Tikis or The Raybeats. I’ve always been a sucker for trebly surf guitar and Eno-esque bloops and bleeps. One of the reason I liked Man or Astroman? as a pup, I guess. In is the most conventionally new wave of the set. It amazes me how influential the Talking Heads were back then. There are so many good bands from the era that incorporate the Heads’ vibe and I do not mean in a purely derivative way. Rio is a spy-music themed track that reminds me a bit of Oingo Boingo. The guitar playing on this thing is awesome and makes me wish my guitar and amp weren’t in storage back in the US-of-A. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less than utter quality when the guitar players in question are named Rudy Tremelo and Beano Shots. Culled from the always amazing Hawaii 70s-80s Punk Museum.

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  1. Joe says:

    Yer Welcome!

  2. Jason says:

    Great band, awesome blog post.
    And… The original vinyl from 1981 is available from while supplies last.

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