The Tits – Daddy is My Pusher

The Tits – Daddy is My Pusher // I’m So Glad Elvis is Dead (Plurex Records) 1978. I went out last night and saw the new Brendan Gleeson/Colin Firth Farrell movie In Bruges. The reviews have been bad but I had a shitty week and I just wanted something I could lose my brain in. Well, it did the trick.

Afterwards, I got, as they would have said in the movie, “knackered”.

So look, I am fully aware that The Tits don’t come from Belgium. They come from Holland. And although it wouldn’t be all too surprising to find an American that doesn’t know the difference between Belgium and Holland, cut me a break. You know I do, so let’s not even go there.

Come to think of it, Farrell’s love interest in the movie was Dutch. So I could connect the two if I wanted to. Nope not gonna do that. Mainly, I just woke up this morning with this riff pumping through my head. Haven’t heard this in a while. Why did it pop up now? I guess I just find the riff very pleasing to my booze-addled ears.

And let’s face it; the content of the song is so offensive it’s funny. Or is it so funny its offensive? Do you know the difference between the two? I certainly don’t.

Along with Vast Majority, this one goes into the spazz punk hall of fame. Enjoy!

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  1. zach says:

    great stuff, thanks!

  2. Dennis says:

    Is this the original artists of the song? Swedish band Rävjunk also recorded it in -78

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