Joachim Witt – Tri Tra Trullala / Geh’ Mal Vor

Joachim Witt – Joachim Witt – Tri Tra Trullala // Geh’ Mal Vor (Wea Records) 1981. This silly piece of NDW was on the now defunct, Mein Walkman ist Kaputt site. The songs are great in that uniquely German way. Playful with linguistic noises. Repetitive and minimalist musicianship. All the while conveying, as Erich puts it, that “assfuck-in-neonlight” atmosphere that one comes to expect from German New Wave music.

To be honest, I was fully prepared to write this one off as a bit of a minor Last Days entry. I don’t think it reaches the heights musically that The Tanzdiele do. Very few things can. Maybe I am being unfair. Joachim Witt went on after this to become a popular celebrity in Germany and like popular celebrities in the US, he seems to be a bit of a douche. Think Phil Collins in the 1980s. This 45 catches him very early on, still with enough weirdness to him to make it enjoyable.

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