Ronnie Gee – Raptivity

Ronnie Gee – Raptivity (Reflections Records) 1980. “Warning. The Surgeon General of Chill-town, New York has determined that the sounds you are about to hear can be devastating to your ear.” And so begins eleven and a half minutes of pure, untarnished, archetypal hip-hop from Ronnie Gee. You gonna argue with his assertion? Fuck No. From California to New York City he’s the one who has Rapitivity. I know nothing about Ronnie Gee. This shit is so undocumented. All we have are the records and our imaginations. I imagine Ronnie was a hustler and a player. He’s aggressively laid back. He just wants you to know what he’s about while he turns this mother out. So what borough was Ronnie from? I’m betting Brooklyn. Boogie Down Bronx? Any info out there?

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  1. djd says:

    Ronnie is pure brilliance!

  2. ronnie gee (yes, the original) says:

    I am Ronnie Gee . Corona, Queens is where I rolled. Get at me at my email (

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