Sacred Order – Crankin’ On A Straight Edge

Sacred Order – Crankin’ On A Straight Edge (Beer Hill) 1982. Another great hardcore band from the Mid-West that came up when I did my podcasts; Hardcore Podcast # 3 to be exact. Sacred Order, were one of those bands that were on a lot of comps but never released anything on their own (not true! they had a record on Mystic!). All of the tracks on this tape are pretty awesome with the exception of Icky Bitch which is one of those stupid misogynist hardcore rants. Not that I am trying to be the PC Police or anything, I just think the song is kinda dumb. Bongs on the other hand, about a guy thinking about getting stoned and fucking and then deciding “maybe later”, is probably almost as misogynist but is really brilliant. Sacred Order was one of those bands that Maximum Rock-n-Roll decried as being unacceptable for us hardcore kids to listen to. In issue number 3, Tim Yohannon reviewed this very tape as “sexist, homophobic macho goon-squad bullshit better left to the rockers and metal crowd”. Man, that stuff with MRR used to drive me crazy and I think today really reveals the fact that MRR had a clear agenda for hardcore and if you didn’t fit it, you were gonna get ostracized. The funny thing is, how many hardcore kids actually started flirting with right wing ideologies because MRR were such douchebags about this sort of thing? Could MRR have been one of the forces that pushed hardcore to the right in the 1980s? Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy some Sacred Order. We’ve all got a right after all, to be poor and radical…

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  1. Dave says:

    “Could MRR have been one of the forces that pushed hardcore to the right in the 1980s?”

    Good point. If you consider the different parts of the hardcore scene– like NYHC, Boston, Youth Crew– that grew to become what some people called “right wing” (which is debatable, but I won’t bother going into that now), those were definitely the scenes that MRR neglected or willingly put down.

    I can personally speak to a very anti-MRR slant within the NY/Youth Crew scene of the mid-to-late ’80s, especially since I didn’t think much of MRR back then myself (you can pick up some of it in the interview with Albany Style that I did in ’86 and posted just the other week).

  2. Jason Rerun says:

    They had an LP on Mystic called E Ticket. I think there were line up changes since this cassette…but they did have a release out. There’s this: and a Facebook page, too.

  3. Jason Rerun says:

    Oh yeah…and a 7″ on Beer City when they reformed later on.

  4. Joe says:

    @Rerun – They had a record on mystic? did not know that. I updated the post to reflect that. The Beer City comeback doesn’t count though because I was talking about “back in tha daze”.

    @xjerryx – They do Alice Cooper on there huh? Gotta check this out….

  5. jonder says:

    “You Bastards” is a classic. Skee-ba-dankin!

  6. Jenny says:

    Thanks for giving us some love!

  7. Joho says:

    3 of those were on the Lung Cookies comp LP. Great collection of non-PC punk with RF7 and other wasters.

  8. Tom says:


    I think you’re missing song 4, “A Thousand Mikes.”

  9. Joe says:

    Shit, I don’t have that one. Its not available on Songs in the Key of H. Do you have it?

  10. Mike L Podolak says:

    1000 mikes is in the can for the future.

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