Real Enemy – Live with the Enemy (Cleveland 1983)

A food store somewhere in the endless endlessness of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

There probably hasn’t been a cooler discovery for me personally on Last Days than finding out about the existence of Real Enemy, a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA with future Gearhead Mike LaVella on vocals. Sure, there was the Didjits demo, and definitely the Novak material and Cipher but Real Enemy stuck a definite chord for me. Being from the Midwestern part of the US myself, I saw a little bit of my old scene in Real Enemy, a band that had they existed in Los Angeles or DC back in the heyday of hardcore (and we all know what those dates were), would have been HUGE.

Real Enemy prove the fact that what you heard as hardcore wasn’t all that was happening. That there were hundreds of really good bands you hadn’t heard. It wasn’t because they only released a limited edition 7inch of 100 and the guitar player’s estranged girlfriend destroyed all but two copies. It was because they didn’t release anything at all.

What people like Steven Blush (and Joe Stumble) are doing is not really teaching you the history of hardcore but instead they are telling you their history of hardcore. The real history of hardcore is in the experiences and memories of everyone who participated in it. Real Enemy is a classic example of that.

Did JFA play with every single band of the 1980s?
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2 Responses to Real Enemy – Live with the Enemy (Cleveland 1983)

  1. Dave says:

    Weird to see packs of cigarettes going for 95 cents in that photo. A pack of smokes would probably still be two bucks if it weren’t for the 7 dollars in taxes.

  2. Luther Blissett says:

    it took me a second but that photo IS real enemy-i remember the tape coming out, i usta have that-the best part was Vinny talking about some rotting hamburger-anyway, thanks for posting this, i’m gonna listen it’s been like what thirty years or something, 1234 ward street hardcore…jesus

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