LDoMoE Podcast #26 – 17/03/2012 Stumblemix

Shit this is a great podcast. The theme of this podcast is definitely ROCK. I don’t know if there is something in the air or what but a lot of the stuff I have been sent lately just flat-out ROCKS and I am all the happier for it. The first set of this podcast has a decidedly garage rock feel to it, starting off with the sassy sounds of Sassy!!, Lynda Mandolyn of Inside Out, Fabulous Disaster, Lickitty Clit, Loomer, Piston, and other shit I can’t recall is behind Sassy!! and it flows perfectly into the even better Two Tears who manage to remind me of classic garage punk and art-punk simultaneously. Something few bands are able to do.

This is followed by the great Texas band The Lash Outs with a song off of their great new upcoming album. Then I mixed in a little sugar with the bitters by way of the San Francisco band the Wrong Words. This is followed by the amazing new garage rock duo White Mystery from Chicago, IL. Have you heard White Mystery? You really should. Then you should listen to The Hussy from Wisconsin. Cos they are equally as awesome and have a new album out.

As I am want to do sometimes, I switch gears after the first set of garage rockin’ ramalama and kick off the next set with some art-punk by way of Hunters. I follow that with the melancholy sounds of Ugly Winner. Then maybe some old school Teen Beat style avant pop by way of The Dogs. This is followed by the sadly defunct Kiwi band The Postures with the great drone Bushwalker.

Billy Saw A Pear. Did you know that? And the guys in Bug Chaser outta Saint Louis, MO documented it for posterity. The craziest thing is after he got finished eating that pear he got a drunken phone call from The Hal Dolls outta Louisville Kentucky who told them all about their great new album on Noise Pollution. The Disappears were Not Nothing impressed with this information and chimed in by sending over Trent Fox and the Tenants who do not Mess Around.

John Blaze was not impressed with all these goings ons and decided to retire to the living room where he composed Pretty Redhead on his piano and then he hopped in his car and headed down to Athens, OH to see Wheels on Fire play their great song Black Wave. Unfortunately on his way there he got stuck behind a bunch of Slow Trucks and was drained dry upon arrival. That’s cool though because while sitting in a bar on Court Street, a pretty redhead walked in and the circle was completed.

Nothing will stop this narrative nonsense quicker than a couple of hardcore songs and Birth AD and A.N.S. have provided them. Straighten up and get your shit together yo! OK, Stirling Says I don’t need to do that just yet. Let’s listen to some hazier guitar post-HC instead. I don’t know if you remember my old friend Boris but she has changed since last time I saw her. I remember years ago when I met him he was probably the gnarliest of the drone doom metal bands. Now they seem to be doing some pretty ethereal stuff? Looks like they are releasing two new albums in May. So buckle yourselves in for that. By the way, has there ever been a more beautiful woman in the entire history of metal than Wata, the guitar player in Boris? I think not.

I follow the brilliance of Boris with the post-punk stylings of We Are Hex. The podcast ends with I Thought You Were Someone I Knew by Jail Weddings which is either gonna annoy the shit out of you or you are gonna like it. Don’t worry, I can’t decide either. It’s OK though, we’ll always have our time in Athens to remember…..

LDoMoE Podcast #26 – 17/03/2012 Stumblemix

Sassy!!! Wild Summer
Two Tears Eat People
The Lash Outs Life In Bed
The Wrong Words Summer’s Gone
White Mystery Power Glove
The Hussy Baby Child

Hunters Deadbeat
Ugly Winner Other Things
The Dogs A Decent Warning
The Postures Bushwalker
Bug Chaser Billy saw a pear
Hal Dolls Drunk Phone Blues
Disappears Not Nothing
Trent Fox & The Tenants Mess Around

John Blaze Pretty Redhead
Wheels On Fire Black Wave
Slow Trucks Drained Dry
Birth AD Failed State
A.N.S. The Quest Lives On
Stirling Says Tatianna
Boris Hope
We Are Hex We Are The Goer
Jail Weddings I Thought You Were Someone I Knew

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6 Responses to LDoMoE Podcast #26 – 17/03/2012 Stumblemix

  1. Dave says:

    Jail Weddings annoy the shit out of me

  2. Rinjo Njori says:

    You might want to change the link above to http://blip.tv/file/get/Joestumble-LastDaysOfManOnEarthStumblemix7403.mp3. you can’t download the current link http://blip.tv/file/4634202.

    Great F’ing podcast

  3. Chris says:

    Two Tears simmultaneously remind me of The Mission UK and Bauhaus.

  4. Joe says:

    Thanks Bunky. I updated the link. I’ve tried the Blip thing but its kind of a pain in the ass and I think I will go back to hosting on my own servers.

  5. David says:

    I am a fan of Boris. Waiting for the new albums…

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