BOB – The Things That You Do / Thomas Edison

BOB – The Things That You Do // Thomas Edison (Dumb Records) 1980. I know nothing about this one other than it is one of the more ridiculous new wave 45′s in my collection (and that is saying a lot). Try googling “BOB”. You will not have much success. What’s weird is that this band BOB were rather prolific. They released another 45 in 82 called Super Bingo and then a full length LP in 1983 (!). These were all released on the Dumb Records label out of San Francisco / Oakland. The only other releases on Dumb Records were a string of 7inches by a guy named Novak who I believe was associated with the label and the Mi Ne Parolas 7inch by the band Ixna. I would like to hear any of this shit because I believe we may be looking at a treasure trove of late 1970′s synth/punk weirdness. Anyone have any info on BOB or the Dumb Records label in general?

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  1. brandin says:

    do you have the other 7″ or the LP, or know where i can find them? i didn’t even realize there was a b-side until i found this post and then i discovered they have other releases toooo. but i can’t find them. help.

  2. Joe says:

    I do not. Its a bitch googling “BOB” ennit? You get like 10,000 entries none of which pertain to this band.

  3. Peecat says:

    I’m listening to “The Things That You Do” on WFMU right this very minute and it is awe-inspiring. Sweet jesus, this is the greatest song I have ever heard in my life. I heart New Wave more than I can possibly explain.

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