The Last Days of Last Days

Wishing for the days, When I first wore this suit…

Five years is a pretty long time for a disposable guy writing in a disposable medium. How did I make it this far? It’s probably due to all of the friends I made, cool discussions I had and neat new shit I was hearing. Kept me going. And I don’t think I ran out of steam. If you look at the last six months, I’ve been pretty prolific. Nope, I just ran out of time.

Plus, let’s face it. Eventually I would start running out of steam and the site would start to decline. I would rather bow out on the top of my game. To put it another way, I think I have passed the Damaged – My War – Slip It In stage. I wanna exit before I am in the Who’s Got the 10 1/2? Stage. Definitely don’t wanna become Tom Troccolis Dog.

If there is one thing I have learned in this brutal life punctuated by moments of musical transcendence, its live fast, die young. Maybe not me personally but certainly Last Days. Of course in blog years Last Days is pretty damn old. So I just contradicted myself. It’s writing like this dear readers, that you are going to miss.

Speaking of readers, I can’t really thank you peeps enough. I’m on Facebook…friend me, will ya? I would also love to pick up writing gigs on the fly (other blogs, magazines, greeting cards, ransom notes). I would also love to continue putting together the Last Days podcasts. Probably should talk to my old buddy Kopper about that. You can always reach me at as well.

I’ll be keeping the site live for the foreseeable future. I may however, start removing music files when the bill comes due next year. So if you want anything on here, now is the time. The articles, posts, commentary, pictures will all stay up as an online archive for as long as the Dark Lords of the Interwebs allow.

It’s been an amazing run…

Joe Stumble

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36 Responses to The Last Days of Last Days

  1. Danny says:


  2. Dave says:

    Um, let me be the first to say thanks, really… one of the top 3 or 4 most useful punk sites ever (Erich’s, KBD, and “Something I Learned Today” are probably up there with your site)… I think I know how you feel about shutting down – I get tired sometimes, too, I might have only another year or so in me – but when I saw all the posts lately, plus the new environment to write about, I was kinda hoping that it meant you’d still keep going… but, you did your part! You don’t owe us anything… thanks!

  3. Dave says:

    Oh, and the SST analogy (My War – Slip It In – Tom Troccoli’s Dog) was funny.

  4. Dave says:

    You did wonder about posting this on April 1st though, right?

  5. Brendan says:

    Me smellum rat.

  6. Dave says:

    I dunno, between the “didn’t want it to go on too long” speech and the Real Enemy post, I think Joe’s being sincere with this one.

  7. J.N says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. I’ve been a long time reader of this blog and it’s sad it has come to an end. Thank you for all the great fucking music. Hope it’s just a joke though, hehe.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  9. Mrowster says:

    Aww shit Joe, so sad to see you go. I always imagined you had dozens more posts up your sleeve; here, I’m still waiting for you to give us your take on JERRY KIDZ “Well Fed Society” EP from New Mexico, or THE FACTORY’s “Smile” 45 from Newport Beach, or . . .

  10. Chris Oliver says:

    Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I’ve really enjoyed this site. The old hardcore and early punk was great, but turning me on to so much weird sort-of-new-wave-sort-of-punk stuff and freaky experimental bands has really expanded my view of that period. Other punk mp3 sites might have aligned more with what I already liked, but most of those fell by the wayside long ago. I keep coming back to Last Days because I’m a sucker for good writing, and Joe has such a great voice. The writing here really gives a voice to a certain generational worldview and a curiosity about weird music. Joe, I wish you luck with whatever you do in the future. Here’s to ya!

  11. Mr. Lee says:

    I really hope this is an April Fools’ Day thing as your blog is too damn great to stop… But if it’s true, thank you for all the reading and sharing. (And if you ever wanna write for A.I.T.A. just say the word… I’d be honored!)


  12. Jenny says:

    Please let this be a joke, oh please

  13. It’s been fun. Thanks for all the kind words about Acute releases. Guess you’ll have to find other places to write about all our awesome stuff coming up.

    Seriously though, one of the few music blogs I kept up with. Good music, informative and personal posts, appropriately tagged mp3s…everything you can ask for.

  14. Holly says:

    Oh, I do hope this is an April Fool’s joke.
    If not (and even if so), thank you very much for such a wonderful blog. Your wide ranging musical interests and well written entries make your site a joy to explore.

  15. Joe says:

    Hey everybody,

    Thanks for all the words of support. I definitely wish I could keep Last Days going forever but I don’t think I can keep the quality standards up to what I have set. Besides living in a different country with tons of new and interesting things to do, I am also back in Graduate School and that is taking a ton of my free time. So I knew the site would suffer and I realised that the best thing to do would be to go out on a high note.

    The reason I want as many people to connect with me on facebook as possible is because facebook is a good way for me to announce when I have done a new podcast or written a guest post somewhere else.

    Last Days struggled early on to get comments. It never got the flood of comments some of my other peers sites got and that used to bum me out a bit. But the monthly hits kept growing and growing on the site and so I knew there was a strong, growing readership. I really enjoyed all the commentaries and discussions on here. I think that is what I will miss the most.

  16. Worth says:

    Hate to see you go’ Joe. I have throughly enjoyed your site for while. Hope you return soon.

  17. Douglas Maxson says:

    The world owes you Joe. Thank-you for all your fine words.

    You better damn sure do an off-line archive of the whole fucking mass, so as to be hosted whole by someone else, as Ian Curtis once sang, at a later date!

    Best to you, bbbrrrrrrrrrroooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dgrador says:

    bummzies… you were the first to promo my band The Living Deadbeats, much appreciated.

    Enjoy NZ, cheers!

  19. tigertooth says:

    Thank you very much for the great stuff you’ve turned me on to!

    Anybody have good suggestions for a site to fill the hole in my heart? I’m more about the late 70s-early 80s post-punk/new wave kind of stuff — along with the early hip-hop — rather than the pure punk or hardcore or the modern-day stuff. Where should I go to get something like that?

    Thanks again to Joe!

  20. Ben says:

    A few days without much internet time mean I’ve only just caught this post, but needless to say — I’ll miss “Last Days” pretty badly. This site has pointed me in the direction of a vast amount of good stuff over the past years, for which I owe Joe S. eternal thanks.

    As well as the music, I’ll particularly miss the sharp commentary, assorted historical delving and scene-setting etc… seems like my favourite music blogs are dropping like flies and the moment, and with so many others around that just throw up a mediafire link, say “yea, cool shit, check it out” and call it a day, decent writing, opinions and compiling of info on music like this is always, always, always appreciated. To echo the previous comment, any recs for good sites covering similar ground (or indeed other ground entirely) would be welcome.

    So yeah, thanks again Joe for all the hard work etc, and all the best for the future! (Would say hello on facebook, but I’m grumpy and don’t have a facebook…)

  21. Erich says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding, Joe! If you quit, I’m coming down under and whoop your little ass!!

  22. oddrocker says:

    I just gotta let u know this is the only blog I’ve consistantly gone back to.thnx again. For the time and effort u put into it as well as the diversity. I got u on facebook already so hopefully we can still communicate on that thing too too and rok maddness to u u homez

  23. Tom says:

    Say it ain’t so Joe! Best blogsite on music ever. Top quality until the end. Thanks!

  24. Joe says:

    Wow…people keep chiming in. That’s great! ‘Top quality’ to the end was what I was aiming for so its nice to know I may have hit it. I wish I could give a recommendation for a site covering similar ground but there really aren’t any I can think of. There are a lot of great blogs out there covering their own unique ground and the blogroll on the right is a damn good place to start.

    @Erich – haha…when you come down to NZ to whoop my ass, we’ll hit some rekkid stores and do some mountain biking!

  25. kalle says:


    danke anyways. it has been huge fun following lastdaysofmanonearth. now there is one thing less that helps me to distract myself from work.

  26. FranFurt says:

    Joe, I’ll miss this great site too. You made the choice and we all know nothing last forever, but I’ll always remember your dedication by listening the amazing musical legacy posted here. Also, although i’ve been addicted to this blog, I admit being lazy on leaving comments, in part due not being English speaker.
    Good luck with your new projects and I wish you have lots of fun. As I did reading and listening The Last Days. You’ll be added to my facebook when i get an account…
    Many thanks!!

  27. tyler says:

    sad day. sucks i just found this place not too long ago too. seems like all my fave internet hangouts are disappearing.

  28. Avery (aka Haizman_Brain) says:

    Just saw the news….and wanted to say thanks for you contribution to the “scene” (in a modern sense). This site has been a great place to reminisce, listen to some new stuff, and occasionally argue with others :) !

    Most importantly – your work and effort to digitize some of those old gems will not be forgotten!


  29. marcos says:

    it’s a sad day x ( i want to thanks you for all the information, bands etc etc
    i think this is one of the greatest blog i ever found on interntet .

    thanks for all, and good luck!!

    cheers from argentina

  30. I gotta say, I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning as to why you’re ending LDOMOE, but ultimately, I understand. This ‘writing a blog of specific interest’ stuff can be exhasuting, but, nevertheless, salutations.

    I got this same feeling with my own stuff, only to be kicked in the ass with a “what the fuck?? I’m always getting insprired, why quit now!??!”

    Anyways, bummed to see you go. We lost another one of the good guys. Catch you on the other side!


  31. Keylogger says:

    You have come up with great work. I will be following you on facebook.

  32. Tim says:

    I’m gonna miss reading it, Joe, Thanks for everything…..! Great Stuff !

  33. De Skater says:

    Thanks for the cool little stories & knowledge!


  34. jonny trrrash says:

    thanks for all that you’ve done here. to this day, i regret that missed opportunity of getting you on the radio.

  35. jamieROC says:

    Thank you so much for everything you posted here and especially the podcasts really helped me find some decent current music and not get stuck on old crap.

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