The Rappermatical 5 – Party People

Rappermatical 5 – Party People (Dynamite Pep Records ) 1980. I’ve had a few discussions lately about the state of music right now especially regarding the cross-cultural pollination that is going on within the electronic, dance and hip-hop music scenes. I can only say it’s about fuckin’ time. As indie-rock gets increasingly self-absorbed and college educated white, somebody is gonna have to bring the funk. I say let’s do this shit. Did you know that the differences between Neu! and Fela are purely cultural? On a musical level it’s the same thing. Let’s add some afro-Rican timbales to the mix and call it a day. Hook up the man Mark is playing a moog simulator through a Nintendo DS these days. Fuck the rules man…go out and do it.

What this rant has to do with the attached Rappermatical 5 track is up to you, the listener, to discern. I am merely a vessel. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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10 Responses to The Rappermatical 5 – Party People

  1. chillie "C" says:

    I am Chillie “C” from the rappermatical five.. are group was from Laurelton Queens New york..I dont know these cats who is selling are music

  2. Joe says:

    Hey Chillie “C” —

    thanks for writing in! If you want me to remove this track I can definitely do that. Im not selling them or anything just intrioducing them to new listeners.

    How did The Rappermatical 5 end up on a connecticut sampler?

  3. Certa says:

    I used to work at a taco shack in the East Village in Manhattan where boss let us play whatever music we wanted, and “Party People” was on one of the first mixes. It is clear that self-absorbed college educated indie rockers secretly, desperately want to ride the funk train.

  4. Joe says:

    Either that or they were trying to be “ironic”.

    Despite my best efforts, the funk train eludes the indie kids.

  5. chillie "C" says:

    We were rappers from laurelton queens… A brother by the name of Phillip Edwards discovered and asked us to make a record…He had the music and we put the words down over night… The next day we were traveling to Conn..Soi thats how we got hooked up in Conn..But were from Laurelton Queens..just bros struggleing to make a record…thanks…no i dont have a prob with you playing the track

  6. Joe says:

    well its a GREAT track chillie “C”. One of the best old school tracks out there. Who were the house band on this one?

  7. chillie "C" says:

    We never met the band..He just gave us the music and we put the words down that night..Where all still friends and talk to each other..Rapper Ron…Mellow Goo…Tee-Ski Chuckie Chuch…Im glad I had a chance to clear that up for you…There is a guy that has our record on his cd..called third world..hes from Conn.

  8. DJ says:

    Rapper Ron is kickin’ it in Chicago. Work with the TSA. He is still into the music.

  9. Im a huge fan of this record. I used to wear this tape out back in the early 80s!! Chillie C, I’m trying to interview rappermatical 5 for my website. Please hit me up! peace

  10. Rapper Ron says:

    Kevin this is Rapper Ron from the Rappermatical 5. I was just reading the posts on the site and see you want an interview for your Fifth Element web site. I think I can help you with that.

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