Detox – Beer Gods / Dino

Detox – Beer Gods // Dino (Monkey Palm Records) 1983. What we have here is the ultra-hard to find, first release by my favourite group of Long Beach reprobates, Detox. The producer of this fine slab o’ wax is none other than Geza X himself. Now, from what I understand, Steve Humann is not on bass yet. He was still handling bass chores in The Vandals at this point. Other than that though, it’s the full line-up with Dan Forcum on vocals. Hats off to Mike for sending me a copy of this by the way. The recording is a little trebly, I believe he ripped it directly into his computer, but fuck…beggars can’t be choosers, yaknowhatimean? So…

Due to its pedigree, I always thought this first 7inch would sound more traditionally punk. Y’know, kinda like early Social Unrest or something? Boy oh boy was I wrong. These two songs sound like they coulda been on the first Detox LP. Dino is my personal fave at the moment but fuck, they are both classic Detox!

Like I said, I know the recordings aren’t top notch. If you, like me, were dying too hear these tracks then you will get over it. If you have a copy that’s better fidelity send it along. Otherwise, shut up. Thank You.

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  1. irishbill says:

    thanks i have been looking for this a long time, its one of the best “left of center” So. Cal Punk band from my High School Skate Daze with Mike BamBam and Vince (from VanZ and Echo and the Bunnymen, JFA, Suicidal Tendencies) in Venice Beach summers and Phx AZ

  2. Mike says:

    Just noticed that there are two versions of the vinyl. One with a regular spindle hole and one with the large “RCA” size hole. Everything else from the label to the matrix numbers appears the same. Was there actually multiple pressings of this record that no ones seems to be able to find?

  3. carolyn raba says:

    thanx for the memories. now i can hear them again in my head.Don.t critisize the recording when you have to scrape money to record.

  4. Joe says:

    The recordings sound trebly because of how they were ripped into the computer. Not a criticism. A fact. Although, it must be great to have a permanent recording of Detox buzzing in your head, I do invite you to listen to the band again after all these years. Thanks for writing in!

  5. Tony Malone says:

    We met Ena Kostabi (Youth Gone Mad) and he set us up with Geza X. Ena was working with him and we recorded with both of them at this small recording studio that was under a two story house in Hollywood. The studio that was once owned by Jim Stanford. Los Angeles always had a bunch of old hippie places that were relics of the past. Filled with old burn outs that needed to be sent away along with their Quaaludes and Lowenbrau. More to this little story but I’ll just say this. 1.Geza showed up wearing his pats inside out and his payment was $20 bucks. 2. There is a third song that was recorded called “Slap ‘em back”.

  6. Joe says:

    More to this little story – Let’s hear it!

    Lets hear “Slam Em back” too!

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