Bum Kon – Drunken Sex Sucks

Bum Kon – Drunken Sex Sucks (Smooch Records) 2008. As someone who moved to Denver later in life, I was not around for the hardcore zeitgeist of the early 1980s. I mentioned a long time ago in a write-up on Ultraman, that “I’m sure every town had a band like Ultraman in the 1980′s. Local heroes who were head and shoulders above all the rest.” I always assumed that Denver’s version of this band (and every smaller town had at least one) was The Frantix. Apparently, I was a little off. The band that ruled the Denver hardcore scene was according to the liner notes of this new CD, Bum Kon.

Bum Kon recorded two albums and a single in between 1983 and 1986. The single is called ‘Drunken Sex Sucks’ (an opinion I have been known to disagree with) and was released by Local Anesthetic in 1983. You can hear that monster of a 7inch on the new Local Anesthetic comp I wrote up a few weeks back. Everything else was unreleased and sat in a top secret bunker in the heart of the Rockies until this year when Andrew Smooch and his rag-tag band of misfits raided the compound and unearthed 25 tracks of pure, un-distilled, hardcore noize onto an unsuspecting, record-buying public. So what we have here is the entire recorded output of the kings of Rocky Mountain hardcore, recorded in the early eighties. How does that sound?

It sounds good, mi amigo. Real good.

Actually the sound quality of the disk is a little hot. I mean, it’s like they miked everything at 11. But this is obscure hardcore from the 1980s. Expecting high production values from this is like expecting CGI effects in a Ted V Mikels movie. So you gotta get past the sound quality (which is no worse than the sound quality of the 7inch by the way) and listen to the songs. First thing I gotta say is that Bum Kon were fucking fast. I’m talking Husker Du “Bricklayer” fast here folks. Bum Kon were definitely a hardcore band. Don’t let the first track “Giving In” fool ya. That one has an almost SoCal feel to it, kinda like something off the first TSOL EP stripped of all the Posh Boy production value. Nope….after “Giving In” it’s all flailing bodies, swinging fists, hostility, political incorrectness and booze fuelled madness.

Bum Kon In Concert

I give this disk a 10. I think it is better than the Local Anesthetic comp. I admire a band like Bum Kon. They played kick-ass hardcore in the middle of nowhere at a time when doing it made you a complete social outcast. They recorded an entire of album purely for the hell of it because they had zero commercial potential. I mean, do you know what the name Bum Kon means?

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