The Jonzun Crew – Lost in Space

The Jonzun Crew - Lost in Space (Tommy Boy) 1983. Afrika Bambaataa is oftentimes credited with being the inventor and chief innovator of Electro, a spinoff of synth-pop and rap music that followed on the foot heels of the early party jams and that is all well and good. He was. I remember when Planet Rock hit. People went nuts. Next thing you know they were playing Pocket Calculator and Tainted Love in heavy rotation on z100 in Saint Louis. So ironically my first introduction to new wave music was on a black radio station. Next up came Scorpio by Grandmaster Flash which was just insanely insane. But the cream of the crop, the greatest of all Electro releases in my humble opinion was and is this here release by the Jonzun Crew.

Suffice it to say that these guys were like some unholy alliance of Parliament and Kraftwerk. They were so completely and utterly ridiculous that I just had to respect it. By this point I had moved on to new wave and punk rock. I may have already started listening to hardcore when this came out. But I saw the video for We Are The Jonzun Crew on Night Flight one night and I just had to take notice. Here was a band that was so completely over-the-top that they could not in any way be ignored.

The record has long been out of print and is fetchin’ some ridiculous prices out there in the interwebs. Let’s remedy this. It’s time for us all to rock it, sock it, in the pocket.

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  1. ata says:

    bought the album when i was err…16. still have it in a box down the cellar….(rather bad condition :D
    ‘ground control’ is epic.

    now lets take a look to planet patrol

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