Comp Tape From 1986

Recently I went digging through shit at my mom’s old house and came across an old tape in the basement. It was a piece of shit cassette that only I woulda bought back in the day. Probably at Radio Shack or K-Mart or something. Yeah I used to make comp tapes on shitty tapes just like now I upload mp3s at 128kbp.


I don’t even own a tape deck anymore so I played it at a friend’s. It’s a HC comp that I made back in the day and it’s totally BAD-ASS! Obviously the sound quality on the thing was totally awful and I’m lucky the tape didn’t get eaten. So I transcribed the thing and when I got home I poked around on iTunes. Wouldn’t you know I actually have all the albums to this day on iTunes? So…I re-created the thing, turned it into a podcast and I am sharing it with you the reader.

I’m dating this thing circa 1986 because of the NOTA, AOD, Detox and DRI tracks. That means it’s probably right around the time that I was starting to get outta hardcore. I remember the Detox album being a turning point. I think I was probably already listening to bands like the Butthole Surfers and Volcano Suns but I just wasn’t confident enough to put them on comp tapes yet. I was still stuck in “hardcore comp tape” mode.

Author circa summer 86 trying to look tough in American suburbia

You will also notice that there aren’t many obscurities on here. We can all talk about how influential The Necros, SSD, The Fix, Hugh Beaumont Experience, Deathwish, Bum Kon etc were back then but lets face it, the average midwestern hardcore schmoe of 1983-86 just did not have access to those kindsa bands. So even though it was tempting to pad the tape with a few obscurities to up my cred factor, I chose to resist temptation and recreate the tape with the exact track listing.

So what you have here is I think a pretty good snapshot of what I and a lot of skaters/punks were listening to circa 1985-6. It goes without saying that this kinda music woulda played in the background while hanging out at Mike’s half-pipe or driving around town bashing mailboxes in Chucks car. “I want to be a cowboy”….SMASH!

No amount of revisionism could stand up to this artifact. It is what it is. It’s available for download below and I have it streaming from the podcast on the top right.

Side A

The Crowd – Modern Machine
Bad Religion – Frogger
N.O.T.A. – Sick Society
MDC – Violent Rednecks
Decry – My Bloody Dream
Dr. Know – Citizens Of The World
Gang Green – Last Chance
Fang – Everybody Make Me Barf
Detox – Shoot The Kid
D.O.A. – I Don’t Give a Shit
T.S.O.L. – Peace Thru’ Power
DRI – Yes Ma’am
Suicidal Tendencies – Won’t Fall in Love Today
The Freeze – Duh Family
Black Flag – You Bet We’ve Got Something Against You!
Flipper – Ha, Ha, Ha
The Vandals – Urban Struggle

Side B

Agent Orange – Bloodstains
Naked Raygun – Surf Combat
Code Of Honor – Attempted Control
Circle Jerks – Coup d’Etat
Reagan Youth – Down With The New Aryans
Adrenalin OD – Yuppie
The Offenders – Face Down In The Dirt
VOID – Think
D.I. – The Saint
Big Boys – Listen
Zero Boys – Outta Style
The Descendents – I Wanna Be a Bear
Adolescents – Word Attack
Battalion Of Saints – Too Much Fun
Minor Threat – It Follows
The F.U.’s – My America
Social Distortion – 1945
Germs – Manimal
Dead Kennedys – Police Truck

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  1. Joe,

    Love this mix. Really great stuff on here. Half of which I’ve never heard before.

    Got anymore Fang by chance?


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