Th’Inbred – A Family Affair

Th’Inbred – A Family Affair (Toxic Shock Records) 1986. – This one is a fucking gem. Man, Toxic Shock really was the last hope in 86. Between this and the Zero Boys reissue, they almost saved the day. But not quite. I bought this album at Starship Records in Tulsa for 2-3 bucks in 87. By this time, I was pretty much outta hardcore. I think I bought this because it was so cheap. I ended up loving it because it was so critical of the scene I had just walked away from. The song Positive Youth alone, really summed up why I wasn’t into hardcore anymore. See, Th’Inbred really weren’t raging against Reagan or normal society. Instead they were raging against the scene itself. In fact, I think this LP represents the closing chapter on the first wave of US Hardcore. It collapses into a pile of self-loathing and disgust.

Unity is Fascism!

Musically, Th’Inbred were as tight as fuck. I’ve heard them compared to The Crucifucks and The Dead Kennedys. Both comparisons are valid. They were from West Virginia which as you may know is in the heart of Appalachia. There are no major cities in West Virginia. It’s about as remote as the east coast gets. So these uber-tight fucking musicians teamed with a singer who just had a bone to pick with the hardcore scene in general and they dropped three releases, a 45 entitled Reproduction in 1985 which was always ridiculously rare, this LP and a second LP entitled Kissing’ Cousins in 1988. Then they broke up.

It’s hard to believe, but we took bands like this for granted back then. Listening to it now, I am blown away by its over-all awesomeness.

Th’Inbred – A Family Affair

1. Exercise 1
2. Fool’s Paradise
3. Middle Class Refugees
4. Dead Time
5. Positive Song
6. Good Ol’ Daze
7. But Not For Me
8. Jesus Youth
9. Satan Youth
10. Hardcore Inc.
11. Exercise 3
12. History Lesson

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9 Responses to Th’Inbred – A Family Affair

  1. Tommo says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this amazing band! Cant beat hardcore with brains.
    Great blog too, I love all the old hiphop stuff.

  2. Momo says:

    I googled these guys last week, cannot believe they were out there. In my late teens we would go to the Underground Railroad in Morgantown WV. th’ inbred was the house band. Seen them open for G.B.H., Government Issue, Circle Jerks, MDC, Sonic Youth, cannot remember them all. These guys were great live. Anyone that enjoys their music, seeing them play in a room the size of a living room was awesome. The club used to tape every show. It would be great if those tapes surfaced.

  3. bob says:

    i picked up this record a month ago in a 1$ bin in some shity record store in manhatten…..good deal i think

  4. jeff says:

    positive song is an all-timer. made many mix tapes back in the ’80′s.

  5. The band’s complete discography (including 3 unreleased studio songs) has finally been reissued officially on Alternative Tentacles on CD & on 2 limited edition color vinyl LPs

    Please pick it up on our site or in your favorite punk rock store!

    A Family Affair LP:
    Kissin’ Cousins LP:

    Rock on! Jesse

  6. Godozo says:

    Just so you know, you can also get it on eMusic (yeah, I know they’re supposed to be uncool, but they still got the goods and get the goods):

    The Whole CD:

  7. Joe says:

    hey eMusic is cool with me!

  8. Sean McDonald says:

    Those guys .. great music, even better shows .. I have all the music they put out which sadly wasnt much .. and the opened for some of the best the Underground Rail Road had in the doors.. I was hung out at the URR 1986 thru early 1989 .. I miss that place never found anther like it ! At least not in the South East.. I moved to Chattanooga, TN in 89 was sorry to see the Inbred collapse and the URR along with it after the disappearance of the best woman in the World that owned the URR Marsha !

  9. gerry says:

    I was in a band in 1987-88 or something like that. They wanted to be a decsendents type band. Now don’t get me wrong. They’re kind of cool unto themselves, but I tried to get them into Th’ Inbred. They wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t even listen to DRI when they came out. By the way, I think that Th’ Inbred are a lot closer to DRI then The Crucifucks, who are friends of mine from way back in the Michigan scene.

    I wish there were bands around that are good old hardcore like Th’ Inbred. I think maybe you can’t come from a large city to be influenced by that town.

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