Angst – Self-Titled EP (Happy Squid) 1983. Here’s a rather obscure one for you. This is the first release by the band Angst. I bought this in 1986 when it was re-released on SST. It had originally been released on the classic Happy Squid label in 83 and yes, John Talley Jones is producing. Anyway, in 1986, I would generally buy anything on the SST label and I bought some real shite; Tom Trocolli’s Dog, October Faction etc. etc. It’s hard for me now to understand the idea of being loyal to a label but back then there were certain labels that spelled quality. A lot of them are still around in one form or another but the consistency of the releases dropped off. Either that or I changed. Who knows?

Anyway, this release by Angst was on SST at a time when I would buy anything on the label. This was in large part due to the holy trinity of bands on SST that sort of kick started indie nation in my opinion; Husker Du, Meat Puppets and the Minutemen. Once you bought everything by these folks waddyado? You start looking further down the roster. Saccharine Trust? Check. Angst? Well, this does have a pretty HARDCORE fucking album cover. It’s coming home with me.

When I put it on I realized the cover was the most hardcore thing about this record. It was actually pretty laid back. I was cool with that. I had Up On the Sun, y’know? Lyrically, it was dealing with hardcore punk issues like Nancy for instance which was a new way to make fun of Emperor Reagan. Pig was about cops and how they suck. Die Fighting was anti-war. You get the picture. My favourite song on the LP was Neil Armstrong which started creeping its way into comp tapes sometime in 86-87.

Over the years Angst released a ton of albums on SST. Their main problem in my opinion was a lack of identity. They just didn’t seem to leave that much of an imprint mentally, either with their music or with their image. My memory of them was that they were three dudes in army parkas and jeans, with scraggly hair but in putting together this post I couldn’t find a picture to either support or deny that memory. Even geographically they were a bit hard to pin down, identity wise. Apparently they were a Bay Area band? However, since they were on SST, I always thought of them as an LA band. Ironically enough, they started off in Boulder, Colorado.

Regardless, they certainly weren’t out of place on the Urinals label with this release. It sounds like 100 Flowers on vicodin.


Neil Armstrong
Die Fighting
Dummy Up
We Only Rot
Another Day

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  1. miguel says:

    I will agree that the s/t is weak but I will not agree that the band is. I think they are a very good band actually but their best records came later. Melding wall is the best one, it’s the one that has some things, which I didn’t know had a video. I think they do have an identity and that their the best band to be called angst, though they are a bit laid back and perhaps not hardcore, if you expected that well I can see why you might be disappointed. Frank black from the pixies was really into them and I believe when they were looking for a bassist there classified ad said some thing like most like or influenced by violet femmes, husker du and angst. Angst to me has been sort of a mix with some strange form of folk and punk. Perhaps glad I’m not in russia might be a good example of this and of their sort of humor, it’s not enough to make you laugh. it’s more like a funny observation. they have had many good songs like friends, I will oblige, some things, glad I’m not in russia, looking for a reason, love dissolves notice none of them are on the s/t. I heard all the albums before the s/t and I liked them though I think they take some getting used to perhaps, but they should not be dismissed. I mean there as good as husker du when husker du is good which is mainly on candy apple grey and some scattered songs here and there

  2. Andrew says:

    picked up a copy of this on happy squid for $2. one of my favorite finds.

  3. jolie says:

    I actually think the s/t is pretty solid. I can’t compare it to any of their other records since I don’t have them, but ‘another day’ is so damn catchy and the lyrics to ‘we only rot’ are pretty great. I wish they were less anonymous so that people who weren’t around in the 80s could find more of their stuff.

  4. Rigo says:

    Awesome! Thanks for posting these. I came to know about this great band by way of “sst acoustic” with the song “colors”. That song was all I needed. Have had a real hard time finding any of their stuff at the record shops.

  5. Lisa says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I had this cassette tape stuck in my car for 2 years. No idea what happened to the EP, probably it belonged to a friend, but I had it on cassette along with Black Flag “Damaged.” I got rid of the car last year and now I don’t have a tape deck and the thing I missed most about the whole experience of driving that thing was listening to the song “Nancy” which was one of my favorites back when Reagan was in office and it just seemed so damned naughty. I have been dreaming of the day when I could get this back into my life and so happy that today is it.

  6. Joe says:

    Yer welcome @Lisa…Last Days is truly in the business of making dreams come true. By the way, did Nancy perform acts of oral copulation? My guess was always no.

  7. Hi,

    Do you have any other Angst records you’d be willing to post as MP3s?

    I cannot find them ANYWHERE!

    Cheers, and thanks for these tracks.

  8. Joe says:

    Unforunately I dont….

  9. Oh well, that’s okay. You have plenty more for me to explore

  10. Rob says:

    Been looking for the Neil Armstrong song since the mid 80′s. Heard it on college radio WNUR in Chicago but never knew who did it. Fun!

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