Condemned To Death

Condemned To Death – Self Titled 7inch EP (r radical records) 1984. A while back I posted some Tales of Terror and Malfeitor as well a number of other folks started name-checking a band called Condemned To Death that I was somewhat unaware of. Let me give you the background on this because I think its kinda funny. Back in the day I bought a record called Slum With A View by a Fresno band called Capitol Punishment. I didn’t like it at all and sold it a few weeks later. I had read that they were a good band but from what I could tell, they were pretty unmemorable. Over the years, that band became Condemned to Death in my mind and I avoided any releases by them like the plague. In reality, those bands had nothing in common other than they were both hardcore bands, both from Northern California, both released records around the same time, and both had similar names. Hey, wait a minute. That’s a lot of similarity. No wonder I got confused.

So anyway, don’t let it ever be said that Joe Stumble does not listen to the readers. I take your advice very seriously. If you say that I’m a chump for not diggin’ on a band, I’m gonna go right out and check said band out. I did that with Condemned To Death and let me tell ya….I am glad I did. See, I used to have a couple of their tracks on a tape back in high school and for years. YEARS man…I looked for Hairspray Randy and Bang your Maidenhead. I thought they were long-lost Fang tracks and I have bought everything by Fang. Never found ‘em which is of course because they weren’t Fang tracks at all. They were off of Condemned To Death’s genius LP Diary of a Love Monster. So, I guess the moral of the story is that I too discover cool shit off of Last Days. It’s a win-win.

GTA released all of C2D’s material a few years back and I highly recommend buying it. I’ve posted their first 7inch so that you can hear them but make no mistakes, this EP is nothing compared to the LP that followed. I highly recommend buying a copy of the GTA release to hear that.

Condemned To Death – 7inch EP

Pain Of Mind
Dismember Me
Media Control
Beach Creep

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15 Responses to Condemned To Death

  1. malfeitor says:

    In your C2D blankout you may have also forgot about the great track (Gartland’s Pit) they had on the PEACE compilation. Thanks for the GTA reminder because I thought they were no longer around, I’m going to have to check out what they’ve put out lately. I agree about Capitol Punishment. Last year I saw a copy of Slum in a used store and took a listen. Still didn’t like it.

  2. Brushback says:

    Yes! The C2D album is awesome. One of the truly overlooked gems of that era. I know that’s said about a lot of records, but it’s true in this case.

  3. Mike says:

    I got to catch C2D once or twice, once at the Cathay De Grande in LA for sure. I recall that show as I took some photos, cool guys and I thought they were great live. Will have to check out the GTA disc as I don’t think I ever heard the LP, only the 7″. Thanks for putting these tracks up. Oh, and there are some good Capitol Punishment tracks out there. I recall a single or tape with one song in particular called Clovis (the suburb of Fresno I think they were actually from).

  4. Martin says:

    Just got round to a quick post and link to yer inbred post. Thanks again.

  5. Erich says:

    I’d love to hear “Diary of a Love Monster” again. Much like you with “Slum with a View”, I bought and sold it within a few weeks. But unlike you (and Malfeitor), I still love “Slum with a View” which is one helluva brutal record. And brutality is what we need in these peaceful times!

  6. justin says:

    Dig this one thanx for the upload, but I also dig Slum With a view. What can you do man?

  7. OTTO says:

    Slum with a View… blech! Voice way too high in the mix, and annoying as hell.

    C2D I like… but hadn’t thought of or listneed to in maybe 20 years. Always loved the song tiles on Diary of a Love Monster… ‘Bang Your Maidehead’, ‘Deformed Blood Ghouls’…

    It’s shit like this that keeps me comin’ back to these sites.. and Davy DMX… word up.

  8. OTTO says:

    listneed… song tiles… I really should read b4 submitting.

  9. Tony says:

    I heard that one of the members of Condemned To Death used to be in Portland’s Ice 9 who put out the amazing “Out Out Out” 7″EP in 1979. All 3 tracks from that EP have been comped, as has an Ice 9 demo called “Nazi” that was on KBD#14. Trivia Tuesday…

  10. Mike says:

    When Putsch Comes To Shove by Capitol Punishment rules, but Slum With A View was just alright…though C2D first 7″ was awesome, but their LP was ran good to decent.

  11. RattlingWall says:

    Yeah, Cap Punishment always had the gruff vocals up in the mix, but the 7″ with “Jodie Is My Bloody Love” (yes, Ms Foster) is freaking twisted. An epic nightmare. Thanks for the C2D too.

  12. Larry says:

    I agree with Mike. Putsch is a great album. Don’t remember much about Slum but one shouldn’t just CP solely by that album.

  13. Joe says:

    Yeah…problem is there was soooo much cool shit out there back then, if you got burned on an album it was hard to go buy another one by the same band when there were 1000 other cool albums you could buy by other bands.

    Nowadays its different with the blogs. I can hear anything I want. You say Putsch is real good…cool…maybe one of the other bloggers could post it. I’m assuming of course that it is out of print. Erich? Peter? Bueller?

  14. J-Bergis says:

    I remember seeing Condemned Attitude at the Farm in SF mid-eighties.
    It was a couple of guys from C2D and a couple from AA. They were pretty
    good if my memory serves me. Thanks for the music.
    I always liked Slum With a View, but Putsch is a classic.

  15. Bob says:

    Damn, Ive been so busy with some other projects I haven’t checked your awesome website in a while and am stoked to see this great find. I promise to get you that clip from the Thrasher Skate Rock Video ASAP for your readers.


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