Davy DMX – One For The Treble

Davy DMX – One For The Treble (Tuff City) 1984. Davy DMX was a very prolific figure in the early days of rap who had his hands in a lot of different projects. He produced some early Spoonie Gee and Lovebug Starski recordings. He was the deejay for Kurtis Blow. He was in the Run DMC spinoff group The Afros. The earliest crew he was associated with was Orange Crush who are named checked in Run DMC’s seminal track Sucker MCs. Because of his involvement with DMC and the whole Hollis Queens scene in general, Davy was a prinicipal player in the birth of Def Jam Records which means that he was also a key figure in the transition between the first “old school” and the second “old school”. This track was one of his only recordings and is a classic deejay cut. One of the best things about this track is that Davy does not overdo it. Unlike say a Grandmixer D.sT, Davy DMX knows when not to cut. He doesn’t fill up every moment with samples. He lets the groove ride. The spot where Run repeats “jay cuts the record down to the bone” is one of my favourite deejay moments.

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4 Responses to Davy DMX – One For The Treble

  1. voodoojoo says:

    Now I happen to love how the Grandmixer goes far, far over the top, but this record is rad, too. It sounds like an early example of turntablism to me, but maybe that’s just the instrumental aspect of it. A great DJ record – thanks, Joe.

  2. Joe says:

    yeah..I love how D st. does too. I worded that a little wrong.

  3. Duncan Walls says:

    This was a MASSIVE record. I wish I hadn’t had to ditch almost all my vinyl in 1993 due to space and money limitations. This is one of those thousands of 12″ records I had that I pine for today. I found one version on a compilation and would kill for both sides of the 12″ again…especially the bonus beats section.

    Got to reference the Orange Crush connection. Never knew about it but it figures…also one of my fave tracks from that era which I do still have…I think it is called “ACTION”? I’ll have to dig it out. I just remember the drume were great and now that you draw the connection, it all figures.

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