Strychnine – Pas Facile / Lache Moi

Strychnine – Pas Facile // Lache Moi (AZ/1 765) 1980. Strychnine were a GREAT punk rock band from the Bordeaux region in France in the late 1970s. I don’t know much about them other than they were featured in a French film entitled La Bande du Rex which you can see on You Tube. The embedding has been disabled which is just stupid but if you want to see Strychnine in all of their glory, go here. They perform both sides of this 7inch and look like a genuinely cool band. In fact, La Bande du Rex looks like a fine French sample of punxploitation if you ask me! Anyhoo, with regards to the 45, if you want to hear one of those perfect, transcendent punk rock moments, I suggest you download Lache Moi and stay tuned for 02:33. Don’t forward to 02:33. You gotta play it from the beginning and let it build up to 02:33. Trust me. It’s worth it. The other side of this 7inch ain’t no loser either. This is what I would consider a Joe Stumble Certified Double-A!

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  1. Mark Early says:

    Is that the french Danny Bonaduce in that video?

  2. Joe says:

    That kid is way more slick than danny bonaduce. kinda like danny’s uber-hip european cousin. just think…he coulda visited the partrige family and taught them the chords to search and destroy!

  3. ib says:

    Great choice, Joe. It immediately made me want to play anything by the Snivelling Shits, who I remember you featured previously on Last Days. Any more from Giovanni Dadomo, per chance ? This is one group I repeatedly beat myself up about not investigating more at the time, even though I was obliquely aware of them. “Terminal Stupid” is, quite frankly, the best.

  4. OTTO says:

    ‘C’est pour les mômes du quartier; c’est gratuit…’

    C’est punk mes amis. Et le vieux dans la fenêtre, quel gros connard. Il me fait tellement chier, que j’ai envie d’aller pogo comme un chien enragé…

    Lived and worked in France for a few years… punk never really took hold there. There was the predictable burst of activity post-77, and there are still a variety of bands out there, but I think the French fundamentally have a problem with any aesthetic where ‘ugly’ is a a key tenet.

    The French hip-hop scene on the other hand… Incroyable.

  5. Hank says:

    Oh yeah, that hit the spot. They made a couple of pretty cool albums as well.

  6. fab tigan says:

    Bordeaux in France has a big punk rock tradition…See first punk band Stalag (…End 70s/beginning 80s, strychnine ( was one of them…. les standarts, parfum de femme, les stillettos, les stillers, single track (from the south area), gamine, les scurs, noir désir, camera silens, les corbeaux du reichstag, etc….etc…
    Add from Bordeaux, 2 good fanzines from the 80s:
    On n’est pas des sauvages (punk rock zine well know at this time) and Hello Happy Taxpayers (a “desig”n fanzine about hardcore..une révolution esthétique better than forced exposure…No comment !). More about Bordeaux punk rock band could be find here :…Check by yourself the others records from Bordeaux on this site…Bye Bye…

  7. Joe says:

    ib — You got it. Snivelling Shits it shall be.

    OTTO — Merci…I had no idea. I do have a stack of GREAT French punk records that says yer wrong tho. However, I can see where the two aesthetics may not be compatible. In a way, punk never caught on anywhere tho. What you mention about rap though is totally spot-on. The first non-US rap track was recorded in France.

    Rap really did get a foothold over there and has had one since.

    Oh and by the way, I listened to the radio show on a recent work-related road trip. It made me want to pogo like a mad dog.

    Fab — Thanks for the info on Bordeaux and the link.

  8. Gilles says:

    Strychnine were truly amazing.In France in the late 70′s /early 80′s, they ruled, and everyone thought they would become huge. But bad management and a bad record company sunk all hopes. Another, crappy pop-rock band made it instead of them: Telephone. What a shame. Strychnine’s first single was a self-released affair, full of attitude (“I’m young and fuck off”), wrapped in a plastic garbage bag cover with a picture of a punk rocker pissing against a wall. They also had two excellent albums out on AZ records (a big label, who put out Brigitte Bardot’s records), and the single you’ve posted. They were excellent musicians, heavily Stooges and Stones inspired. they were the main inspiration for the whole Bordeaux scene, including mega pop stars Noir Désir.

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