Tinopeners – Set Me Free / I’m Not Your Type

Tinopeners – Set Me Free // I’m Not Your Type (Logo GO 375) 1979. So what was it about punk rock from Belfast? The theory would go that in a city torn asunder by occupation and terrorism, the kids would be enraged. The theory stands that some of the most brutal punk rock in Europe should have been coming out of Belfast in the late 1970s. Yet by and large, Irish punk rock was a lot closer to powerpop than it was to louder-n-faster aggro. I don’t mean this as a slight. Some of the catchiest, hooky power-punk tunes ever recorded came out of Ireland, a large portion of which were from Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular. Take the Tinopeners for instance. Here’s a band with the classic Belfast sound and approach. They have a nice unassuming name and two super-catchy tunes. Obviously the spirit of the Undertones looms over these guys and make no mistake, they are no Undertones. Very few bands in the history of the world are that good. But in their own right, the Tinopeners are a classic example of the Belfast sound. I’m partial to the B-Side with its mopey adolescent theme but really both tracks are winners. Apparently, they recorded four tracks for a planned single on Rip Off Records which never materialised. These two tracks were from that session and were issued as a single on Logo Records (who manufactured and distributed Rip Off) in 1979. I’d love to hear the other two tracks!

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  1. voodoojoo says:

    I’ve got to say that I love powerpop. Somehow pop punk and large swathes of indie music today do nothing for me, but give me a richer, rawer version of that sound aged by about 30 years and I just eat it up. Killed By Death Records has been my main resource in finding tasty edibles to feed my hunger for these tones. There’s still that punky feel, with a sense of musical rebellion, but like punk it’s got a consistent sound, only this one is really catchy. I love the commentary and keep posting, Joe!

  2. Joe says:

    voodoojoo — I’m glad you like this. If I find the other two songs from this session I’ll let you know. I can hear a Urinals thing in this after you mentioned it but before that I would never have connected the two. Of course i hear the Urinals in everything so I don’t know if my opinion on that is valid.

  3. Phil says:

    Well it is really nice to find out something fresh on the net about TINOPENERS. In fact it has been a couple of years that I have last searched for something on them.
    I am the younger brother of Chris Burrell the guitarist and was good friends with Stan Moore(the singer). I have fond memories of the band & of course the hype at the time, even though I was only 9 years old.
    The recording of the record was really BIG TIME stuff in the 1970′s and the punk movement in Belfast was positive, energetic and respected.
    I remember the guys from RUDI (another Belfast band) hanging around the Stormont area
    of Belfast with punk hair does & mohicans. Belfast was BUZZING……….

  4. Joe says:

    stay tuned phil, Im cooking up an Irish punk special for St Pats!

  5. Gareth Evans says:

    Well just happened to be sitting here very late at night with a beer and thought I’d look up the name of the band I used to be the bass player in, and hey its nice to see that some things live on.

    These were some of the best years of my life and I’d thought that people had forgotten about them. I used to have a cassette of a rough mix of the second two songs.

    Havent seen the guys in a very long time but gonna do something about that.

  6. Joe says:

    Find the tape and make me a copy!!!! :)

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