Rokker – Rokker (Owl Records) 1979. Another masterpiece of the biker punk subgenre was Rokker’s 1979 classic Rokker. These guys were some dirtball biker types who tried unsuccesfully to fit into the late 70′s Austin punk scene. Thier frustration at not being taken seriously by the Raul’s crowd was evident in thier song “Pigeon Hole Wankers”. However, my personal favorite is “Who’s a Punk? Your Mother”. I believe they were referring to the old school definition of the word “punk” by the way.

A weird underlying theme of this album can be picked up on “Daddy, Watcha Doin to my Sister?” as well as on a couple other tracks. The overall trailer-trashiness of this is only matched by the great drawing of the band that accompanies the album. Musically, it sounds a little like Lester Bangs and the Delinquents without the technical proficiency or artistic aspirations.

Thanks by the way to Matt for hooking me up with these two gems (as well as a lot else). He contacted me after checking out the Teezar post from a few weeks back. I don’t know if Teezar were biker punks. Rokk Steddy had a chopper but they didn’t seem to delight in offensiveness the way your average biker punk band did.

I remember seeing The Mentors back in the 1980′s and those guys were definitely biker punk. GG Allin of course was biker punk.

Does it even exist today as a genre? I don’t fuckin’ know. Bands like the Dwarves definitely carried on the spirit of biker punk in the 1990′s but the biker element of it sorta disappeared.

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