Yuppie Pricks – Balls

Yuppie Pricks – Balls (Chicken Ranch Records) 2008. It had to be more than just coincidence that caused the new album by Yuppie Pricks to arrive at the Last Days of Man on Earth World HQ. Had to be. I mean, I had just finished writing about the underlying conservatism of hardcore and I get this thing in the mail? An album with songs entitled “G.O.P.” and “Fraternity Days”? With lyrics that explore the never-ending joys of being rich, white, republican males from TexASS? HAD to be more than coincidence. Right?

Well, no. Ascribing anything more than coincidence to this would mean that I believe in fate and Stumble has no time for fatalism. The boys in Yuppie Pricks? They do. They believe they were fated to be the “haves” while you dear readers are “have-nots”. Like they say they are “model guys, fraternity links with national ties”. Who the fuck are you? Just some punk loser flipping burgers. This is not me talking. This is where Yuppie Pricks are coming from. Can you get next to that?

Sure the album is a novelty record in the same sense that a Gwar album is. Sure the novelty can wear thin at times. I mean, you’re gonna ask me to listen to a song with the title “G.O.P.” after eight fuckin’ years of GW Dipshit? When the mere mention of McCain and his traveling Hockey Mom sideshow is enough to throw me into homicidal paroxysms of rage and distemper? And the song is actually good enough that I find myself singing along and laughing at how offensively stupid the whole thing is? I find myself enjoying the whole album?

Well, that takes balls, mi amigo. Balls indeed.

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3 Responses to Yuppie Pricks – Balls

  1. Jenny says:

    ehhehe There’s a rap song on here featuring Jello Biafra! I’ve heard this myself, it’s entertaining stuff

  2. Jenny says:

    P.S. Whoops! That’s on their first album here: http://www.borninthebasement.net/?p=712

  3. matt says:

    their live schtick is pure fucking gold. the lead singer put on a visor and starting hitting wiffle golf balls at the crowd when i saw them.

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