Endangered Species Box Set

Endangered Species (Glitterhouse Records) 1990: And lo and behold it came to pass in that most holy year of 1990 that a box set was released upon the world. A box set of such collectible magnitude that record dorks near and far began counting their pennies in earnest and rapt anticipation of its release. Endangered Species was said box-set and the tchotchkies contained within said box-set were good….nay, divine. For each 45 sleeve was also a puzzle piece and when put together on one’s floor, in front of one’s hi-fi while smoking cigs, it displayed the most miraculous of images. So a rallying cry was called from the Atlantic to the Pacific…to all the record dorks near and far….save up thy pennies from thy jobs at art house movie theatres, record stores and comic shops and be one of the first to purchase this limited edition box-set from Germany. Then and only then can you invite friends over and lord over them your utter and infallible coolness. Yes, if cred could be carried in a box in that halcyon year of 1990, it would have travelled in the Endangered Species box-set. And any listener would have been treated not only to a jizz-worthy display of pop-culture packaging but also to a set of some of the best underground music of the day. Right before alterna-nation ripped out its steaming guts and made sausages out of it for mass nirvana.

Endangered Species Box Set

Bastards: Groovy Space Man Pills
Bitch Magnet: White Piece Of Bread
Bored!: Christine
Bullet Lavolta: Hello There Ladies And Gentlemen (Cheap Trick)
Codeine: Castle
Cows: Good Cop
Green River: Ain’t Nothin’ To Do (Dead Boys)
Halo Of Flies: Clowns
Helios Creed: Boxing The Clown
Monster Magnet: Murder
Surgery: Losida Slide
Unsane: Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin)

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5 Responses to Endangered Species Box Set

  1. Brushback says:

    Gawdammit! I own this too, and I was just about to post it in another week or so! Oh well….

  2. Joe Stumble says:

    Ha I actually checked “One Base” to see if you had posted this before I posted mine.

  3. Brushback says:

    Yeah, I had it all lined up, was gonna take pictures of all the sleeves and everything (luckily I didn’t start that part).

    A funny thing about these box sets: there’s 6 singles in this one, right, but I know I’ve never even bothered to listen to at least a few of them… you get so wrapped up in the packaging that you just put the box on the shelf and never actually play the records.

  4. devil dick says:

    yep… i was one of those that bought this in 90. but i actually played mine.

  5. Fuzzinator says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for this. A friend of mine had this and I could never get a hold of it. I’ve searched for it for a long time.

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