Pure Hell – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Pure Hell – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ // No Rules (golden sphinx records.) 1978. I heard this 45 a million moons ago and its OK. It is historically significant for no other reason than Pure Hell were an all-black punk group that pre-dated the Bad Brains by a good five years. However, being America’s first black punk band means very little to me if the music isn’t something to get excited about. Putting a cover on the A Side of your only single just screams lack of ideas to me. So I wrote these guys off as a bunch of hacks. Which is a total tragedy because, apparently, this band has a very interesting past. They started in 1974 in Philly and very quickly relocated to NYC where they were a pretty integral part of the nascent NYC punk rock scene. A couple of these guys would even cover for various Dolls members when said members were on the nod. At some point they got over to London around the time of the 77 Punk Rock explosion and this very single charted in the top 40 in the UK! Because of this, the rumour has been that these guys were English. Well let’s just debunk that one..

You really can’t fuck with this shit

See, while in London, Pure Hell also recorded a full album called Noise Addiction. Due to a bunch of typical band-battling-manager bullshit the album was shelved. This is a real shame because had Noise Addiction been released, we all would know about Pure Hell and I wouldn’t have to fill in this back-story. See, this album just recently came out on Welfare Records after 30 years and it is a FUCKIN MONSTER. A COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKIN MONSTER. Lead singer Kenny “Stinker” Gordon could easily rival Stiv Bators in pure unbridled Iggy worship. I don’t even know what to say about Preston “Chip Wreck” Morris’ guitar playing. It’s like he read the punk rulebook and got to the part about no guitar solos and just said “fuck that”. To say the man wails on the axe is an understatement. This could easily be my favourite punk reissue of 2008. It’s just so completely over the top and insane that I am completely (noise) addicted to it.

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7 Responses to Pure Hell – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

  1. Hank says:

    Hmm, interesting. What you write about their single mirrors my reaction at the time exactly. But hearing/watching Hard Action makes me verrry interested indeed. I think I have to check out the album. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

  2. Ganietzsche says:

    Death, who released a 7″ in 1976?

  3. hugauze says:

    i bought their 7″ in the early 80′s,but fuck,that video shreds !they predated the bad brains,too bad they had to wait 30 years to release an album !
    Wasn’t Neon Leon in that band ?!

  4. oddrocker says:

    I actually like the stuff on the 7 inch. “no rules” is a punk kicker. boots is campy but its raw glam track. its perfect. NOISE ADDICTION KILLS MORE THOUGh Spider (rip)

  5. Martin says:

    Finally! I’ve wanted to hear this one for such a long time. Not as great as I expected thou, but I will definitely pick up the album as soon as possible.

  6. Ed says:

    You damn well ARE right! I had the 7″ for ages and thought that was all they did.

  7. j*House says:

    Pure Hell@ Club Europa, Brooklyn 10/16/10 6pm/$8

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