First Blog

So I have decided to do this blog MP3 thing. I have not figured out yet how to do the MP3 portion of it…but I will. The name of this blog comes from three different sources. The first is a punk song by The Urinals entitled “The Last Days of Man on Earth”. I dig old punk music. I will (hopefully) post the 45 with this song shortly.

The second source of my Blog title is a weird, obscure Science Fiction film from the 1970′s called appropriately “The Last Days of Man on Earth”. Its starts Patrick Magee and Sterling Hayden. I dig obscure, weird movies.

The third source of inspiration for this blog title is a bit wider in scope. With all the crazy-ass shit going on in the world today it feels like the Last Days of Man on Earth.

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2 Responses to First Blog

  1. Harvey Farkle says:

    I can totally agree man!
    Sometimes I wonder what the hell was I thinking bringing a child into this fcuked up world.
    See you in Tulsa?

    Harvey Farkle
    Team Farkle 7

  2. Harvey Farkle says:

    Can you send a copy of bim bom bay, I can’t seem to find it

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